T3 & lymph node connection?

Hi all,

I've been searching the Internet to see if there is a connection between taking T3 and having swollen lymph nodes along with raised white blood cells, raised c-reactive protein and raised (globulin ?).

I dont have a thyroid diagnosis of any kind dispite my levels and symptoms indicating an issue (I'm sure most of you here can sympathise with the problems with Dr's!) 5 yrs ago they shrugged their shoulders and said "M.E."

I decided to do my own experiment and I've now been taking T3 for nearly 4 months. No word of a lie, ALL my 'M.E.' symptoms have disappeared!

However, now there is a dark cloud. I noticed a lump by my collarbone, doc said it's a lymph node & ordered blood tests. She called 2 days later to say she doesn't like the results and she's booked me an appointment for an ultrasound. :(

Obviously this is a worry. But I'm concerned that this is a result of taking T3. I have searched and searched and can find no articles that suggest a connection. All I could find was something about hashimotos causing 'granular deposits' in the skin, kidneys, bladder, gall bladder & LYMPH NODES! But this was not a reliable source and I could find no mention of it else where.....!?!?!

Anyone have any knowledge in this area? Or even suggestions on leads for me to research?

Cheers to all of you who managed to get all the way through my ramble :)

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  • Raven, I doubt Liothyronine (T3) will have anything to do with your swollen lymph nodes. The most common reason is infection.


  • Thank you clutter. I'm aware the common cause is infection. But this has been swollen 6 weeks now and my scan is to be done by a Dr in oncology.

    My concern is that the T3 has sent things 'out of wack' & my lymphatic system is taking the strain!

    However, I don't see how there can be a connection (based on the workings of the endocrine system), but as I am taking T3 without any medical advise or support I'm understandably worried there is a connection...even though logically don't believe there can be. But if thyroid etc was entirely logical none of us would have such a hard time with the Dr's!!! So...I'm perplexed.

  • Raven, I really don't think self-medicating will have done it. I hope the outcome is good.

  • If it eases your mind any, I was taking high-ish doses (75mcg) of T3 daily for a while before I switched to NDT. I never had any such lymph node issues - I only switched to get more natural levels of all the Thyroid hormones.

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