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Results which mean nothing to me


I have finally managed to get some results from the Dr and consultant. I am still waiting for my letter from the consultant to the doctor.

Bloods taken:

28.09.16 - T3 6.76, T4 30, TSH 0.04

04.10.16 - T4 24.7, TSH 00.3, PYR?? 367

24.11.16 - T3 3.10, T4 7.5

These numbers mean nothing to me, but I can see that they have varied quite a bit over the past weeks. Is this normal?

Any explanation would be helpful

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Are you taking meds?

Would be great if you could edit the post (the little arrow under the text) to add ranges and put the results in a column to make it a little easier to read. :-)

Hi, I have started taking Levothyroxine, I am sorry to seen ignorant, but I don't know what you mean about ranges. These were the numbers given to me (the first 2 bloods were done by the Dr and the final blood was taken the day I went to the endo clinic)

No worries, it can all be a bit overwhelming.

The range is the two numbers in brackets (one low, one high) after the result. It tells you the levels the lab has set which indicate the 'normal' spectrum of results.

It might look like this (there are usually units as well, like mU/L but don't worry about those) :

TSH 3.5 (.35 - 4.5)

Are you getting copies of the actual results or is the doc just reading them to you? Ideally you need paper copies or the results on their own are just guesswork as each lab has a different range.

How much levo are you on and have they reduced it (after your test in Sept)?

No tsh in the last test?

Thanks for the advice. Yes the numbers above were just what were given to me over the phone. I will ask them to send me more detailed information, I guess the figures which I have quoted won't be any help. It will probably take a few more days to get further information.

I am still waiting for the consultant to forward information to the Dr as well as sending me a letter to explain why when I was referred for over active thyroid, after the results of the last blood test, I am now underactive.

When I went to endo, he said I was borderline overactive and initially said he would see me in January, but once I had had more blood taken the same day, I was telephoned and asked to pick up tablets as I am now underactive.

Sorry if this is a little rambling, but I am not any wiser about any of this. I don't feel unwell, just permanently tired and my next appointment is not until January.

I have only just been prescribed Levo since Friday 25th Nov. (50 mg for 2 weeks and then I have to increase it by another 25mg until the next appointment in Jan). I was on nothing before this. I think the Dr asked for the second test just to make sure before referring me, and this is why I am confused why I have swapped from one to the other in such a short space of time with doing nothing different or eating nothing different.

Oh gosh, ok, well that will teach me to make assumptions lol. :-)

So you were referred for being hyper and then you eventually found you were hypo?

When you get your results you'll see if they tested your antibodies. When your thyroid is under attack as it is in an autoimmune situation it can swing from one extreme to another and it looks like this is what may be happening to you.

The ranges are essential for accurate interpretation but it was obvious you had been hyper - that seems like a high t4 (usually they go up to 22ish) and that is a low tsh by any account.

If it helps it sounds like you're in reasonably good hands if they're repeating the tests regularly at short intervals and your gp has given you levo.

How do you feel? This seems like it would be quite a roller coaster ride for you.

As mentioned before, I don't feel ill, in fact I am never off work, probably 1-2 weeks in the last 14 years (except for 6 weeks when I broke my arm about 8 years ago on a trampoline - at a class, not the usual home mishaps!). The only thing I have is weight loss which has happened over the last year and permanently feeling tired, but I put this down to the usual everyday life stress/losing weight. The only reason I went to the Drs was because people were nagging me over loosing weight. I did not expect to actually have anything wrong with me. All this has come of something of a shock. This is something I didn't understand when the Dr said I was overactive, much less now I have jumped to the other condition. My main concern is if I have 'switched sides', will this happen again, and therefore am I taking the wrong medicine, or is the same medicine prescribed for both conditions?

No, the conditions require treatments that are kind of the opposite of each other, so you will need regular monitoring esp if you're more or less asymptomatic. The thing is meds will be necessary to keep you feeling well as long as you're underactive. I can see how it would come as a shock.

If you have a look at a symptom list (I don't have a link handy but a short google should help, if you look for underactive and overactive thyroid) you'll get a better idea of the profile of each. Fatigue is an all-rounder, but your weight loss is a hyper symptom, whereas weight gain is a hypo symptom. There are rough parameters but for example some people may lose their appetite w either so you could conceivably lose weight w an underactive thyroid.

Heart rate and temperature can be a good way to see where you are and your gut may tell you (if you're on the loo all the time or having trouble going to the loo).

Some people find a gluten free diet beneficial as it can help you control antibody activity.

It may just settle and you find your meds level out and you feel fine. I don't think it is likely to yoyo like this forever. And it's brilliant that you're feeling generally ok.

I've edited some of my earlier waffling as it is confusing. :-)

Many thanks for your patience. I have previously looked at the list of symptoms of both conditions. I can match myself more to overactive, apart from feeling warm! I eat like a horse, and do not have any toilet problems. I can also go down the underactive list and check many of these things too, especially feeling cold, but as many people keep saying, 'there is no meat on you'! Luckily, I won't be on Levo for many weeks before I go to endo again in case they want to switch me to some other medication. I will log off now as I need to get some sleep. Thanks again

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