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Test results

Hi please can someone help with these test results as I'm a little scared upping my t4 but my consultant says that I need to on alternate days up to 75 mg and take 25 mg t3

Results are :

T4 12.8 range 12-22 pmol

T3 6.0 range 3.1-6.8

TSH 0.02 range 0.27-4.2

I am still very tired and not a lot of energy but I have improved since starting t3 consultant says he will have me well in a year as I started seeing him in September .

Please can someone advise me if its ok to increase my thyroxine .

Many thanks

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If you are feeling tired still your Endo seems to be doing what most of us would like our professionals to do, e.g. go by symptoms rather than by blood tests and unnecessarily scaring us about unfounded potential health risks with low/suppressed T3.

I am not an expert, but your T4 is low and I understand it would be if you are only on T3. Your T3 seems quite good in range and your T3 is a smidge under range.

I guess he feels it won't do you any harm to have a little extra T4 to see if you feel any better. If you start to feel hyper I am sure he will encourage you to reduce the T4 again. Although having said that maybe 75mcg is quite a lot to add....? When we start we are usually put on 25 or 50.

I am sure other more informed people will give you some answers.


Your results are not over range and you are still symptomatic so your Endo seems spot on in giving you an increase.

I personally would be happier to increase the T3 than the Levo though as you have found its addition helpful. That is what I did.

Your Endo sounds like he actually listens which is nice!


Hi Kel8 , thank you so much for replying . Yes I would rather increase the t3 to thirty rather than 25mg as I have found it has helped a lot . I only found this Endo in September as before that I was a lost cause with constant vertigo infections losing weight . I am still losing weight though just concerned the increase of t4 will put on weight . If only the dizziness would go away forever lol though it is less now than what it used to be .

Thanks hope you are well yourself 😀


I don't understand what "alternate days up to 75 mg and take 25 mg t3" means. Could you please change the wording to indicate how much T3 and T4 you are taking on each of the 2 alternating days?


Hi Eddie83,

Thanks so much for replying . Sorry I take 50mg of thyroxine and 75 mg every other day. I take 25mg of t3 everyday though would rather take more but have to wait for blood tests . My Endo says that in a year or so I will feel good so another 7 months to go lol . Thanks


OK. That means you are effectively taking 62.5mcg T4 and 25mcg T3 each day. That means your T3:T4 ratio is 1:2.5. NDT has a T3:T4 ratio of about 1:4, and generally it is believed that the optimum T3:T4 ratio is somewhere between 1:4 (typical of pigs) and 1:10. Why do you think more T3 will help you? Your T3 is already pretty high (though it would be preferable if your doc would measure FT3 and FT4, rather than T3 and T4, so Thyroid Binding Globulin is out of the picture).


Hi Eddie83 ,

Thanks for your kind reply . I just thought more t3 would give me more energy though I'm just recovering from the flu and now got another infection . I must go back to cutting out wheat and sugar as it helped before . I'm not sure what he tests to be honest but my gp just tests the tsh t3 and t4 until I see my Endo as seeing him in three months . I only started on t3 in December as never had it before and it took away brain fog heat intolerance vertigo and dizziness but I am finding that's back again though it could just be cause of the flu . Thank you so much I appreciate your advice .😀


Wheat just about killed me!


Wow ... Your consultant sound like he care ... Do you mind me asking who the person Is and where ......


Hi Olivia 1955 ,

Yes my Endo is lovely it was only when I was at the depths of despair that someone told me about him . He's not on the NHS I have to pay to see him but I don't care as he treats me like a human being and told me I was too young to be living and accepting what negative advice I had been given by my gps. I live in Northern Ireland that's where he is based . Thanks


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