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Does anyone have an explanation for higher TIBC in an iron test please?


I have my pinprick test results back and was firstly quite surprised to see my ferritin at 48.16 ug/l as it was only 26 at my Dr's a couple of weeks ago and this was just after having a water infection for few weeks, so I actually expected it to be lower on this test as i know ferritin can be raised during infections.Do you think it could rise that much in such a short time, without supplementing, it usually takes much longer?

The results are as follows

Iron 24.19 (6.6-26.0 umol/l)

TIBC 115.49 (41-77 umol/l)

Ferritin 48.16 (13.00-150.00)

Transferrin saturation 20.95 (20.00-55.00%)

Does anyone have an idea of why the TIBC could be raised please?

I've had low ferritin and vit d in the past and diagnosed with functional b12 def. 6 months ago, as well as tsh of 6.28 in July and told to retest in 6 months. Wasn't sure whether this is a thyroid or b12 question, but seeing as I'm having treatment for b12 wondered if this might be linked to an imminent thyroid problem.

Any ideas really appreciated thanks.

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A couple of links to explain about iron tests

Your low ferritin and high TIBC indicate iron supplementation is needed from what I understand. Transferrin saturation is low, I understand that it should be at least 30% with optimal being 35-45%.


Thanks once again SeasideSusie. The feedback on the test said it was all fine, but I wasn't sure about the high TIBC. I've never come across that first website about the adrenals, etc. That page was really helpful and nice and easy to understand, foggy or no foggy head! I'm looking forward to reading other articles on there. At least I can take iron again without worrying if it's building up in the wrong place and causing problems.

Thanks again for your help in locating the test too...


I can't take credit for the first link. I didn't know much about iron and asked for my own iron panel to be interpreted and HumanBean pointed me in the right direction :)


Well, thanks for passing it on :) I'm thinking of swopping to Solgars gentle iron, instead of ferrous fumerate, as there seems to be so many extra unwanted ingredients, compared to Solgars. When I searched in here an old post of yours came up discussing it. Can I ask if you got on with it okay and also wondering what size the capsules are please? They look like normal antibiotic size to me thro the jar, I know some iron tablets can be huge! Thanks...


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