Can I buy WP natural dessicated thyroid online without a prescription?I have tried Thiroid from Thailand,but it didn't suit me.I am waiting for an appointment with the endo,who prescribed T3 for me over a year ago,as a result of seeing my blood results.My T3 is now being withdrawn,but also,I am having issues with T3-only.

I feel my brain is not working optimally & I have anxiety & depression.

Plus my hair has gone extremely thin.

please pm me if you have a source

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  • I get mine from America - mainly as my GP supported my decision but would have been very suspicious of pills from elsewhere! If I find out how to PM you, I will send you the name.

  • Serenfach,

    Click on Naomi8's username and then click on Messages on the top right of her profile page to send a PM.

  • Thanks - done! :)

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