Advice Sought on Taking WP NDT

Just a few days go I started taking WP - 0.25grain twice daily with a lot of water. Even though the pills are tiny I can still feel something in my throat for at least half an hour or so afterwards and I wonder if the pill is 'stuck' ? 

The instructions with WP clearly state not to chew them but to swallow whole with water and I understand that the molecular size is to large to be absorbed sublingually. However if I were to chew it up first and providing I still wash it down with plenty of water afterwards would then I can definitely be sure to avoid the pill getting stuck in the throat. The problem is that I usually eat 1 hour after taking the WP so it's no good being stuck in my throat for any length of time.

Would this have an adverse impact upon it's effectiveness ?

Thanks in advance !

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  • Rainbow100,

    I have the same sensation for up to 10 minutes after swallowing very small tablets.  Larger tablets don't cause the same sensation.  I swill them down with plenty of water so I suspect the tablets aren't stuck although the sensation seems real.

    Try chewing the tablet and swallowing with plenty  of lwater.

  • Thanks Clutter, that's what I figured. 

    Just to confirm, you don't think chewing will change their effectiveness in any way ?

    Normally I take pills with food as that guarantees that they don't get stuck but obviously I can't do that with WP. My thinking is that the sensation is real because I never get is after consuming anything else like my food.

  • Rainbow100,

    It will be fine to break up the tablets by chewing them before swallowing with water.

  • Thanks Clutter.

    You know, with the amount of time you spend helping out others here and the considerable knowledge you have built up you're a regular heroine !

    Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you're enjoying great health :o)

  • Thank you xx

  • I have been 'chewing'/letting dissolve NDT tabs for 10 yrs or more.  I take WP also.  It shouldn't effect their efficacy.

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