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I have finally manage to get a locum to run a "tiredness profile" It is suppose to cover most of the tests I asked for!? Have to add she was not happy when I told her what I wanted done. I bet it will not include T3 and RT3 though even though I asked for it :( Lets see what the nurse says on Wednesday.

Anyway, My husband is not the most supportive and does not believe that all my problems are due to Thyroid issues. " So you are going to blame this on the thyroid too now are you??" Very frustrating! He had a bit of a scare the other evening though when I could not breath ( the stress really seems to bring it on as we had "words" at the time) Does anyone know where I can get hold of research papers etc that proves what we are all saying with regards to treatments, testing and doctors lack of knowledge/refusal to treat? He wants to know where my facts comes from and "if they are true" he intends to bring it up with our MP when he meets him in January. Thanks :)

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  • There are soooo many symptoms of thyroid problems. Do hope you get the T3 GP said they don't do it. If you can't then it may be worth getting it done privately. I'm finding my various GPs never get to see same twice as my surgery has staffing problems; put all my symptoms down to thyroid and basically I just have to ut up with them and keep taking levothyroxine and anti depressants. The NHS would save a lot of money if we didn't have to have so many meds. I believe there must be a root problem that could be dealt with. good luck with your tests and getting some understanding.

  • Pixelpup,

    NHS doesn't test rT3 and rarely tests FT3 unless TSH is suppressed <0.03 because they are looking for hyperthyroidism, not low FT3 in hypothyroid patients. You can order private thyroid tests to include rT3 and FT3 via

  • My surgery does do a T3 test if I make them write "taking NDT" on the form. Every single time the nurse asks "what is that?" - the same nurse! When you tell them it is natural thyroid, they look at you as if you have grown two heads, but who cares!

    The one they will not do is Vit D! "Oh, you had that tested last year, we dont do it again" is the reply! This is usually followed by "get out more". When I reply I am a farmer (single female farmer - I am a rare breed!), they have no answer!

  • There's a June 16, 2016 article on the website "Huge Price Rise Forces NHS to Ditch Life Changing Drug" which your husband should take to the MP meeting and ask what is being done.

    Mylan and Perrigo are 2 companies supplying cheap T3 in the US and T3 is cheap and widely available in many other countries.

  • Your husband sounds like a right control freak and is adding to your stress levels.

    Have you asked for a Ferritin test ? Thus can be done as part of the routine blood test but you have to ask for it.

    The co diction known

  • Yes I asked this time so I hope the very dismissive dr put it down 😥

  • Let me know what your reading should be between 20-150 ...if above you need to have a saturation test (this measures how much iron your body us storing) and possibly a genetic test to see whether you have GH.

    Good luck.

    Don't be fobbed off...ask for a copy of the result.

  • ...I was saying..the condition known as Heamachromatosis (iron overload) also has the symptom of tiredness...along with hair loss, joint pains, stomach pain and pain under the right rib-cage.

    It is easily treatable but Is a life-long condition.....GP 's do not always know anything about it but it is very common.

    A ?Ferritin test costs 40p

    A liver transplant (which if untreated the condition can result in) costs £100,000

    No wonder the NHS is in trouble....hip replacements, knee replacements, liver cirrhosis, heart and brain problems all use resources, when a simple little blood test can cure the patient.

    If you have these symptoms, even if your GP has told you that you only need physio or have age related aching joints...ask for the test.

    And don't let that husband bully you.

    I've had 40 years of bullying and at 76 am divorcing him At the 5th attempt.

    Should have done it years ago.

    Good luck.

  • If your GP doesn't get you a ferritin test then see another doctor....sometimes we need to push them a bit harder due to cuts in care budgets....tell him, it only costs 40p !!!!

  • You don't need and shouldn't need to prove anything......

    Your doctor is there to diagnose you...if she can't then send you to somebody who can

    She is there to support you and give you confidence.

    If she can't then change your GP

    She is clearly failing in her duty of care.

    Let me know if you get a ferritin test although there are so many other reasons why you could be so tired.

    Good luck.

  • dump the hubby life is too short x

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