Why my Doc said no need for T3 test just T4 and TSH??He said that would give him all the info he needs??

My last Dr. visit I asked for some blood work to be done for my Thyroid. I have been on Levothyroxine for so very long, I am 54. I just got tired of feeling tired, etc. I stopped taking it, and want to stay off. I began taking " Thyroid Support" made by 1 body...I will get tested in a couple weeks. However when I asked my doc about testing T3 he said there was no need...just T4 and TSH. What to do. Are the tests super expensive or something for T3?? I do not know why he would care.

I am thinking maybe I should take 1/2 of my 150 dose?? Not sure what to do, I feel great. I do not want to do more damage tahn good. So confusing

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  • mommalaurat Your doctor said that because he doesn't know very much. I take it you are aware that T4 is a storage hormone and converts to T3 which is the active hormone and it's T3 that is needed by every cell in our bodies? This is why it's important to know that we convert our T4 to T3 well enough and that is why we need it tested. Unfortunately, they have their heads stuck in the sand and don't seem to understand this and it's very difficult to get FT3 tested on the NHS.

    You can get your own FT3 test done through Blue Horizon. However, it's no good on it's own, it needs to be done at the same time as FT4. Their most basic test is the Intermediate Thyroid Profile which tests TSH, FT4 and FT3 bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk/e...

    But you would be better going for the Thyroid Plus Ten bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk/e... which tests TSH, FT4, FT3, two types of antibodies, plus essential vitamins and minerals except Vit D.

    Their Thyroid Plus Eleven bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk/T... adds in the Vit D and so covers everything.

    You would be welll advised to do one that includes vitamins and minerals to get a full picture which will probably explain why you're feeling tired, etc.

    What caused your hypothyroidism? Is it autoimmune and your thyroid gland is being gradually destroyed? Were you hyperthyroid and had RAI and are now hypothyroid. Did you have your thyroid gland removed because of cancer?

    The Thyroid Support by 1 Body isn't going to help. You've come off a synthetic hormone which is replacing a hormone your body can no longer produce itself. Without this hormone you will eventually become very sick. Thyroid Support contains vitamins and minerals purported to help support the thyroid. It contains 100mcg B12, considering a lot of us take 1000mcg B12 as a maintenance dose then the 100mcg in Thyroid Support isn't going to do much. It contains 150mcg iodine and 100mg kelp (also contains iodine). Iodine shouldn't be supplemented unless we have been tested as deficient. Too much iodine is as bad, if not worse, than too little and should only be supplemented under the guidance of an experienced practioner.

    You would be far better getting those vitamins and minerals tested as in the Blue Horizon bundles, find out your deficiencies and supplement where necessary.

    If you post your test results, with the important reference ranges, members can suggest where adjustments to your thyroid medication may help, and what supplements/doses are necessary.

  • Wow, Thank you for your time. First off I am in USA Florida. I ran across this wonderful site a week or so ago and joined immediately. I honestly can not remember when I first got treated and prescribed my first medication. I am 54, and it has been at least 25 years....

    I still have my thyroid, no Cancer, Thank God.

    I will print out what you wrote and bring it to my Doctor. He is older, and I think he will disagree for sure about testing T3. He gave me a lot of Doctor talk when I asked him about it, and I just got frustrated and left. I guess I should get back on my Levo for now. S**T! I certainly do not want to become "very sick".

  • Ah, I didn't realise you're not in the UK.

    You might want to leave out the bit where I said 'Your doctor said that because he doesn't know very much', that wouldn't be a very good start :D

    Do you think you may be able to get tests the same as I linked to? If so, come back with the results (and reference ranges) and members can make suggestions.

  • My Doc sees the T3 test as unimportant. I will go elsewhere and get tests done. Wow, I bet I will be out of pocket a lot of $$$ my Obamacare Insurance is PITIFUL to say the least!!!

    Thanks again :)

  • You can do testing without involving doctors or insurance companies in the USA.


    Read the info from this line onwards :


  • I believe that Life Extension foundation (lef.org) does blood testing in the USA - no idea if they take insurance or how the prices compare. Cheaper for members of LEF.

  • Thank you, I am on a mission to get this straight!!

  • There is s list of recommended doctors and functional doctors on the tabs at the top of the page, you might be better looking for a functional doc who treats you as a whole

  • My GP in the UK says " We use THS only here" .It seems the other tests are used to assist diagnosis but once on treatment it is just the TSH. Wrong education in both countries.

  • It is all so pitiful to me :( I think at this point though I feel great after ditching my Levo, I have read way too much that it is not a healthy thing to do cold Turkey like that....hmmm. My Thyroid Support is just vitamins, so I have NO IDEA what is happening with my Thyroid at this point...a tad scary. On vacation until Sept 1, and plan to immediately get blood tests done when we get back. I have to be sure to be fully loaded with exactly what should be tested to get the answers a good doc would need. And therein lies the next problem...A GOOD DOC that will think outside the box and not give me an RX with so many side effects.

  • Most of what Seaside Susie said is advice for testing privately yourself. Unfortunately many doctors will disagree with it, as they tend to have very closed minded views about the thyroid, and have little respect for these self-ordered tests :(

  • Doctors know it all, NOT!!! I know they are very educated, but without taking the meds they prescribe, I really feel that they can not understand. I also know that there is a lot of $$ being made by drug companies.

    I read last week that there are more people that DIE in the USA from prescribed drugs than in car accidents yearly??? That explains the lengthy commercials on TV here that talk about all the side effects for whatever drug they are trying to get you hooked on, and the commercials for all the lawsuits that are active against so very many drugs that were prescribed.

    So sad that so many of us are trying to figure this out. I totally understand that everyone has their own issues, I simply want to help my Thyroid in some way without horrible side effects. Sounds so very simple, obviously it is not. So glad to have found this site!!! Great people out there in computer land. Thank you!

  • Found mymedlab, and there is a place super close to me I can go and get my blood drawn. Think I will go tomorrow.


    TestT4 Free-


    TestThyroid Peroxidase AB (TPO)-

    TestT3 Free-

    TestThyroid Antithyroglobulin AB (TgAb)-

    REVERSE T3 X$75.00

    TestReverse T3

    Wow total $250.00

    Hope this is all to get me started, I plan to go tomorrow to a lab and get this done. Wish there was a cheaper way. Thank everyone for your help!!

  • Regarding Doc & no t3 testing.....seems they do not want to deal with t3....the other important thing is to consider is that YOU feel great with the Thyroid Support.... Feeling great Is THE GOAL is it not??? VTUI

  • Except that without the hormones, it won't last...

  • Bummer, wish there was a quick fix.

  • Sorry, but there really isn't!

  • No not on yhyroid support only, they may feel good for a while but will still plummet drastically then be so ill it can take years to get back on an even keel. It can even be life threatening

  • For some reason most doctors seem to think that a) Everyone is euthyroid, hyper or has primary hypo , so TSH shows perfectly how you feel b) If a) doesn't quite work, everyone converts T4 to T3 (what's that, can't remember I had a hangover in the lecture that day) perfectly so no need to test it - anyway the lab techs tell them what to do because they know better than doctors.

  • Except that they don't! :(

  • The techs probably all spent too much time on the beer at college, too.

  • The labs have a problem.

    They get given a budget and have to do their work within that.

    One idea might be that the person ordering a test actually funds it as well. For example, your GP requests FT3, and sends £50 along with the request. Unfortunately that would result in the refusal being by the GP rather than the lab.

    Labs also sometimes do more tests than were requested. It is not unknown for FT4 and even FT3 tests to be done when not expressly requested. How would these additional tests be funded?

    The fundamental requirement that should be in place is that EVERY test requested either is done or the request is returned with a clear explanation as to why it was not done. That doctors put in requests but simply don't see anything at all is unacceptable.

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