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Hi all

I have been researching to find data for thyroid disease over the years and came across this - which is most interesting particularly where iodine is concerned.

I will be sending this off to various organisations to bring this document to their attention for information. I wanted to know why thyroid cases are increasing...........and to see if the Windscale Atomic disaster in the UK in the 1950's had anything to do with it.

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Windscale as often been a topic of conversation in our house over the years! My late mother in law was from the Isle of Man directly across the sea from where the disaster took place. She argued that people died from cancer more than anything else and that I presume was from loss of family and friends and may be the occasional newspaper article.

About this time I read that Nationally deaths fell into two main groups, the many types of cancers and the heart and circulation. I tried to reason that the IOM must be mostly made up of similar genes due to the fact it was an island with a strong farming community and families stay on the farm for generations and so may be the cancer genes were more prevalent and Winscale not the reason.

So I'm always a little suspicious certain counties are mentioned and as far as I know DNA not considered. I'm not saying radio active fall out isn't a factor but suggesting some would have gone down the same avenue in time. There is still a lot we don't know and we knew even less then. So many other factors to be considered.


Increasing Hashimotos may be due to our increasing prevalence of eating high grain & sugar diet.

Plus more recent breeding of grains in last few decades (especially wheat), the grain has more gluten in.

Also it's suggested that "the pill" may increase susceptibility to leaky gut.

Other triggers can be smoking, especially when give it up. Also gut infections, like candida or other triggers like EBV

Antibiotics can also upset gut bacteria


Not able to fully read article yet but much appreciate anything that may reinforce my belief that my goitres were caused by radioactivity from Morecambe.

My allegation, which I cannot of course prove, is that my thyroid gland was damaged from the contamination of the local beach, a few miles from Windscale. I spent a great deal of time there during fishing. This entailed gathering a lot of lugworms which by their very nature contain a great deal of iodine. Also eat a large number of fish and shrimps.

The doctors, of course,did not believe the association was credible, did not really understand what I was talking about.

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I do believe you're on to something - please continue to keep us informed about where this goes. I live here in the states but our exposure to the iodine and iodine like substances - according to this report, could well be due to the increase in milk consumption . I had no idea that one could get iodine through dairy products . That could also explain why people who removed dairy from there diet get better, like in the case of Dr. Wentz.

More than one Doctor Who treats Hashimoto's and leaky gut and other autoimmune disorders warn of the constant barrage of iodine in modern day diets. More than one Dr. / Health Professional sites the fluoride in the water and toothpaste, the chlorine in the water and the bromide in the flour (used to bleach flour - used in most bakery breads) along with the prevalence of iodine ( here in the states we were brought up to believe that iodize salt was better than salt without iodine) itself in our diets . One Dr says, that on a chemical / molecular level these four are all the same or very similar . He teaches that, in fact the body will choose the fluoride, the chloride and the bromide over iodine . In his opinion the prevalence of Hashimoto's and auto immune disorders are a direct result of overdose of iodine and iodine like chemicals mentioned above.

The study that you cite supports this and could well be the reason why when we remove gluten and dairy from our diet's that we Hashimoto's patients get better. In my opinion this report is a crucial piece of the puzzle and getting better .

Great detective work - fantastic! Please pursue this and keep us informed.


Thanks - here are a few more - I remember taking iodine because I was told to by a well known consultant who is seemingly a world expert on the thyroid - needless to say I have sent him my findings - when I took Lugol's my thyroid gland nearly jumped out of my throat it was pulsating and angry............I have tried to tell people that I dont think it does us any good but some wouldn''t listen..............I can actually work out when my problems must have started - years ago - I took Kelp tablets when they were the fad in 1980's - downward slope after that I think........

I have undertaken years of research and as an outpatient at two London hospitals take many of my findings to my consultants who are always really interested - in fact they are using it for their training in some instances.

I will send more as I find it wishes to you

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