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Finally diagnosed with thyroid disease

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Finally I attended my long awaited endocrine appointment at the hospital . And a big thank you to those who responded to my previous posts and the advice to ask to see the consultant himself. He was the most gracious gentleman. As soon as I sat down in the chair he said " you do know you have thyroid disease " although I knew I had all the symptoms it was like someone believed me I wasn't making it up how I felt. I must say I got very emotional purely out sheer relief . He was able to access all my bloods over a couple of years and said that although my levels were remaining within range the fluctuations in my tsh as well as extremely high thyroid peroxidase levels indicated this condition. He also commented that he could see my cholesterol levels have dramatically increased compared to numerous previous tests when they were low. He also mentioned my ferritin levels were a concern because they too were high. He took more tests today and will contact me by phone with the view on starting me on thyroxine . He asked had the doctor not told me about my levels and I explained that when I went I was given a diet sheet for cholesterol and told to loose weight, and not to worry about not being able to go to the toilet in a week they queried ibs. But because everything was in range no thyroid issues. This lovely consultant said well there are problems with your thyroid your not going mad and we are going to get you back to feeling like you again, it will take time but that's what we are here for. Thank god for a doctor who knows what they are talking about.

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Glad for you. Hope mine is sorta the same, I have felt like I was going mad for a long time. My endo said my GP could never have tested me properly because they could not do the test at queens, so my GP lied to me. Great huh. Good you got it sorted honey. Fingers crossed for me, I have a scan on Thursday for a nodule in my neck.

Thanks for your reply. It has been a fantastic forum because people really understand. I think until today my husband even laughed at me saying it must be in my head cause the gp would say if I was unwell. Needless to say he feels a little sheepish. I totally understand I think some GPs are palming people off Because they are reading ranges instead of peoples symptoms. I have to say this my first recollection of this all starting was three years ago and because I had lost a lot of weight they said that was why I was cold needless to say things got progressively worse. Today the consultant compared my tests over time and I was able to give my symptoms because I had written them down and they reflected on how my levels were (I hope I'm making sense). I explained to the consultant that I give up going to the gp because I feel I'm more a hassle that them actually investigating what's wrong they don't compare results. Over time. I wish you all the best for Thursday and will keep my fingers well and truly crossed for you. Take care

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PR4NOW in reply to Hamer5

If TPO AB's are high that would indicate Hashimotos and a change in diet and finding out what your triggers are is in order. I would suggest the following site for info on how to do that. PR

Very happy for you :)

Always makes me feel better when I hear that some doctors don't just follow those stupid numbers. If you don't mind me asking how high were your antibodies and what was the range?

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Hamer5 in reply to chihiro

Hi chihiro. He spoke to me about the test the doctor had already don quoting ranges and levels but I think he said the antibodies optimum level should be below 35 and mine was 248 or 288 sorry I can't remember so much to take in today.

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chihiro in reply to Hamer5

No that's great, thanks for that :) I hope you start feeling better soon.


So pleased you are on your way. Don't wish to complicate things - but have you been tested for B12 Vitd Folate Iron Ferritin - all these need to be HIGH in their ranges for the Levo to convert into the ACTIVE thyroid hormone T3. With Hashimotos it is common for there to be malabsorption and to be low in these VITAL vitamins. Do not let your Doc tell you they are normal. Obtain copies for your own records....and post here.

I have Hashimotos and am still struggling to increase the VitD. Also Low B12 as I am without part of the gut where mostly it is absorbed. So I know how difficult it can be. Lots of good advice from here will abound :-)

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Hamer5 in reply to Marz

Thx Marz

What I find unbelievable about this that had I not pushed the gp I still wouldn't have got seen, because in the fours it took from the original blood test I didn't get one call from the surgery to see the doctor. When I called the receptionist said doctor says all is ok you need diet sheet for high cholesterol. Didn't mention high anti bodies or ferritin levels shocked to say the least. My initial visit to doc when I first started to feel unwell I was given antidepressants .

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Marz in reply to Hamer5 was the B12 VitD Folate ? Have you the results with ranges ? Your story is all too familiar - sadly. If you look back through other posts on this forum over the months years - you will see a recurring pattern. Sad but true... Hope you soon feel better...

Another good news story! Very happy for you finding a consultant who listens :) I hope you start to feel better soon.

Carolyn x

Happy news indeed, Hamer5. Can I ask where in the UK your consultant is? I posted regarding my endo visit last week, he was a waste of space. I'm in Northamptonshire.

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Hamer5 in reply to evey

Hi evey he was at the the ulster hospital Northern Ireland his name is on my letter which when looking for it earlier I can't find and must have given it to the receptionist. However he did say he would contact me at the latest in 2 weeks so I will get his name again. Curse this brain fog!!

Thx carolyn

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