Wheat and thyroid tissue

Looked this up after hearing it discussed on Betrayal series episode 4. Apparently Wheatgerm agglutinin (WGA) binds to thyroid and other human tissue which then tags it for destruction by auto-antibodies, which presumably explains why giving up wheat reduces thyroid flares:



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  • Interesting... I have always tested allergic to wheat ( and barley) but any gluten testing has been inconclusive. Or negative. This may explain why some people feel ok on some gluten-containing grains but awful on wheat?

  • I'm struggling with this series, do want to watch but unable to understand some of the speakers and the tinkly music is distracting. It's rather rambling and far too long.

    Is it just me? Please say it is!!

  • No, I agree, unnecessarily long-winded with annoying background music. The interviews where the Aussie guy tries to get people to cry make me cringe. But I have found interesting and useful snippets of info in there, so I'm prepared to stick it out ;-)

  • Thanks for the reassurance Josiesmum! Tries to get people to cry, seriously??? Agree with your comments re interesting and useful snippets whilst admiring your determination!

    I stopped part-way through the 3rd one, not sure whether there's a sound quality issue as well as speakers just not being able to speak clearly.

  • I also give a lot more weight to the advice of speakers with MD or PhD after their names.

  • Yes, those two refs are v interesting.. it sounds as though the theory may well be right, but is not yet scientifically tested, let alone proved.

    It would make sense of a lot of reports here of antibodies falling and symptoms improving g free. Let's hope someone gets funding to stand it up. Alessio Fasano must be thinking about this.

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