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Wheat and gluten free and feeling fab

Hi I was one of the 3% who couldn't tolerate thyroxine at any level so was just left to my own devices by my gp. So had to figure my thyroid problems out myself! I have always had a healthy lifestyle but always seemed to have problems with certain foods mainly bread so tended to eat as little as possible! About two years ago I was going through a stressful time and one day i got so out of breath walking a short distance from my work to my car which was not normal for me as I could do a 22 mile cycle every other day! So ended up at my gp got my blood tested my doc was amazed I could even walk she said she has never seen bloods so low! She put me on the only meds ( thyroxine) she could and sent me on my way! I started of on 25 got put up to 75 100 125 150 back down but nothing worked in fact it was making me worse so that's when I decided to look again at my diet which was supposed to be a good whole food healthy diet as anyone would say to me! Wish I could eat a healthy diet like you ! So what was going on? Why was I feeling like crap why was I gaining weight ending up at 14 stone from a healthy 11 stone ?????

Now iv found the answer wheat and gluten! Iv cut it out all together and now after all this time I feel human again yippee I really do!!:)) so if there's anyone like me and can't tolerate the medication give the wheat and gluten a big body swerve and see what happens good luck:))


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Hi K4renk , sounds very like me except they started me on 100mcg of levo and then I gradually reduced to 0 but now with 25mcg liothyronine Sanofi Aventis ( named patient basis NHS) as I can't tolerate Mercury Pharma NHS version, and the wheat free gluten free tweak this year has left me well after 10 rubbish years and lots of hurdles before that.

So pleased its working for you too - see my posts for other info, I am off camping for a couple of weeks but will be back online after.

It's wonderful to be able to do so many things again - I am trying to compile a How I know I'm well list - wonder if you'd have the same observations. I might need a few sheets of paper or just a roll of wall paper??

Keep Well :-)


Wow I take Levo aventis after mercury rubbish now take T3 also mercury and have felt rubbish with that. I ask the pharmacist and they said it is all that they do. Would love to change, what can I do?


T3 is also available in 5mcg tablets manufactured by Paddock Labs, which Boots can get on special order (takes an extra day or two for delivery).

I got my GP to specify these, as i found the Mercury T3 to be ineffective.

However, the Paddock Labs T3 is more expensive, which may be a problem for your GP.


Ask your pharmacy if they have an IDIS account as Sanofi Aventis is availble through them. I go to Lloyds ( in Somerset). My GP was persuaded when he found it costs a tenth of the Mecury version, at the time about March this year - info available on the British National Formulary Website. I also Yellow Carded each "duff for me batch" of Mercury and have been in contact throughout with guy there - can PM you his details. Additionally I kept in touch with Medicines Information Dept at the local hospital to let them know what I was finding - they were really helpful! My endocrinologist had signed me off as fit with CFS / ME (haha) but when I pointed out by letter that I felt much better on another brand she said to take whatever made me feel well - - - so I persuaded my GP, the endo must mean Sanofi is fine for me :-). I think the price was the decider.

The Gfree diet has certainly tweaked the issue much further and I wonder if I am Coeliac ( my son is, by bloods and biopsy, so I am much more likley to be) so as this is another autoimmune issue maybe it's the key or one of many as to why some of us need particular brands and can't tolerate Levo.

I wont have internet access for a couple of weeks but will look out for posts when I am online again.

Happy improving and good luck through the system ! :-)


This is me K4rent I have gone from 10stone to 14stone. Could you please pm me with help and details please.


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