Wheat, Healthy or Not. Dr. William Davis (Wheat Belly)

This is a fairly recent video by Dr. William Davis who published the book "Wheat Belly". It is a thorough presentation of his work. If you think grains do not have their problems you might want to consider watching this.

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  • Hi PR,

    Would it be possible for your to change the category of this post to the "gluten free chats" one as I am desperately trying to get this category up and running so that anyone thinking of going gluten/wheat free will be able to go to the one section to find out all the info they needs - hope you don't mind me asking.

    Thanks for posting I will be coming back to look at the video later (trying desperately to do some cleaning but keep finding myself back on the site.lol.)

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  • Moggie, I changed the category, at least I think I changed the category. First time I've ever used that feature. PR

  • Thank you, its much appreciated and I watch the video later so thank you for posting that as well.

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  • Really good link, will be watching it again.

    I have read some where that they put a coating on the harvested wheat that stops it either deteriorating or sticking together, which is also bad for you.

  • Thanks for posting, there is also a very good book called 'Grain Brain'

    It's a sad fact that crops grown today are so genetically modified it is too late to revert back to what was grown 100 years ago. Humans have done this to themselves by messing with Mother Nature.

  • Just sat and watched this. It is very good and has made me think seriously about this subject. I recommend you watch this if you are suffering with any auto immune condition.

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