Wheat and gluten and hashimoto's

This question comes into my head most days.

I gave up wheat four years ago followed by other grains.Last year was my first year grain free except for rice. ok there were a few slips due to family parties. (A big year for that.) This year I have not slipped at all. So why have I not lost weight? I get adds showing me people who have given up wheat,lost weight and look great. I just seem to put weight on regardless of a vegetarian sensible diet. Why???

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  • My guess is that you're not optimally treated yet. My OH didn't start losing weight until she started taking NDT (no, not on prescription, though her endo does prescribe T3, so I guess that's a start).

    Feel for you xx

  • Thank you LilyMay.x

  • I have just tried 4 weeks without gluten (no wheat, oats, rye or barley) and no dairy as I had read about their effects on Hashi's. My antibodies have come down a lot from 110 to 75 to 20 and I have also managed to lose some weight! I think it is more difficult to do the paleo diet if you are vegetarian because they also recommend that you reduce legumes in the diet, which I am not fond of anyway and I do eat meat or fish every day. I also avoid eggs as was diagnosed intolerant to them years ago along with wheat. So not easy to follow my diet if you are veggie!

  • Hi Crimple,I did reply to you yesterday but it doesn't seem to be here.

    I do try to get some ideas from the paleo diet,I don't seem to be able to tolerate eggs these days.

    How did you manage to get your antibodies tested so frequently?xx

  • Is it possible you have a lot of fruit?

  • I try to limit fruit to breakfast,I do prefer savoury foods.x

  • It's harder being a vegetarian as you need to eat good protein to help with te weight loss. Have a look at your sugar intake too. Not just cakes and sweets but the hidden sugars in root veg and yogs etc. I've lost 12lb over the last year since going GF and cutting back on sugars (I cut them completely for 2 weeks) and eating more protein including in a good breakfast every day. Good luck.

  • I have cut out as much sugar as possible, I don't buy anything sweet in my shopping,I prefer natural yogurt but do have some root veg,carrots and parsnips which I know contain sugars. I am finding I like less and less foods and meal planing is becoming more difficult. :(

  • Firstly you need to be on the right medication levels for you. Do you eat eggs? They are a good source of protein. It would probably be worth getting the advice of a professional. Thats what I had to do in the end and I've never looked back. I was told that it is more difficult for vegetarians to lose the weight as so much of what you eat contains natural sugars - right or wrong, I don't know, but this particular way of eating that I went on, along with exercise really worked. I hope you can find something that suits you.

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