aha! That explains it! .....I had this before!

Kidney yang! Interesting! So time to pig out on beef, lamb,venison, Bone broth soups, pack loads of vegetables,fruits,etc....my kidneys need a good wee feed:)

saunas,foot baths,cosy fires....ooohh hooo!

home made coconut oil....

I had this issue a while back! all the hypo cold symptoms: As soon as I started eating lots of hot foods and warm natured foods,I lost weight and my TSH went right down....

Thanks for the wee tips!:)

Everything has improved except from my kidneys which are sluggish and the liver is not too bad but sluggish xxxx

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  • Nice to hear!

  • Please don't confuse your TCM Kidney & Liver organs' function with western medicine kidney & liver organs' function!

    Try adding some beetroot instead of too much meat.


  • I did for over month: Love my meat:) I am aware of the difference love thanks:) all my tests are fine under nh blady blah s....

    My TSH is high sure; Thyroid hates cold weather!

    Thanks love:) I eat that too:)

  • I'm from the Washington, DC area and spend winters in Florida. Desfinitely feel better but I don't eat much hot or warming food; mostly sandwiches or cheese and fruit. Perhaps I need to eat at least one hot meal a day. My TSH is 2.14, on 2 grains of NDT(Thiroyd) and my weight has been stuck at 70Kg for months. 5 foot 5 and I should be at 60Kg. My primary understands about having a TSH at 1 or lower but I sense he's uncomfortable dosing thyroid until my number goes into free fall. So I'm dosing without doctor supervision and will be ordering tests in a couple of months. I'm 66 and I'm not afraid of taking control of my health and well being. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

  • Find a good t.c.m specialist

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