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Hello -thought I would post both May's and July's test results - found out I had this in April 2013

Hello -thought I would post both May's and July's test results - found out I had this in April 2013

So I am now on 100m Levothyroxine each day.

May results: July result

TSH 13.38 (.35 -4.94) TSH 1.44

FT3 4.23 (2.63 -5.70) FT3 3.41

FT4 19.6 ( 9-22) FT4 14.6

I have increased the prescription from 75 /100 every other day to 100 daily. The Prof wants me to stay on 100m for the next 3 months as he is mindful about stressing my heart and wants to see how I respond

My water rtention is managed with the tablets - but my kidneys ache - so I don't take them every day.

My weight has been rising from 51kg last year to 56.8 this year and I am only 5foot 2 - so even though the Prof said once my levels were settled the weight would come off, I have to be proactive and so started the 5:2 diet on Monday and lost a kilo already (sounds better than 2lbs 2!)

I feel heaps better than April /May and do feel I am on the right road.

Please let me know what you think!

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you're on the right track and I would not be surprised if you feel like you need another increase in 3 months time, but onwards and upwards for you at the moment x


thank you x


Whist your TSH has gone down your T3 & T4 levels have too. I am not a doctor but it seems to me that you will need a further increase to get the Ft3 & 4 up.

I never used to have a weight problem until I developed Hypothyroidism -and sadly even through I am well medicated it remains an ongoing battle in all honesty -exercise, no additional sugar and avoiding grains seem to be

Hope you feel better soon. x


Gosh your results are quite close to my last ones -

TSH - 1.4 (0.35 - 5.5) FT4 - 15.4. (10 - 19.8) I've never had T3 done for some reason!

Started on 50 then after a few weeks got palpitations again and was really cold, then I was on 75 for a while but I started to get cold and sluggish etc again so my GP gave me a bit more levo and I am now on 75/100 just like you.

Same height too and have gone up from 54kg to 55.8 - have a feeling the fruit and nut cravings are to blame for that - I'm still waiting for the thyroxine to balance out and help my metabolism sort itself out but I'm trying to keep my F & N addiction under control so I'm doing 5:2 as well :-)

I feel as if I'm on the right track too now, see my endo again next week so see what happens then.



thanks x


I'm fairly new at this test results business, though suffered a while on the Thyroid front & now on Levo 25ug.

Both your free T4 and T3 have reduced whilst normalising your TSH -and you feel good on this.

What is the explanation from your Endo on this?

[Your levels were relatively high (given the TSH level) before starting treatment -so is Levo assisting better utilisation in some way whilst also dropping your 'working' free hormones.]


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