Before diagnosis I never had these symptoms

Before I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid I felt rubbish but didn't have the symptoms I do now.I went to the doctor because I felt tired,I was breastfeeding and used to fall asleep feeding him :-0 Or drinking tea I would nod off and wake up when it was in my lap.

But weirdly although I felt bad then the symptoms I have now are so different to what I had then.

I never had the anxiety or other stuff I do now I wonder if taking just t4 affects things.Back then I think my adrenaline kept things going I don't know what I'm trying I say just maybe my own body regulated things more evenly.

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  • How long ago were you diagnosed? I understand what you are saying as I went to my GP when my little girl was 8 months old with just a query about the size of my knuckles (my fingers swelled after my pregnancy not during). He ran blood tests, of which I did not ask, and came back with a thyroid problem. Made sense of the tiredness and the trouble breastfeeding and even the miscarriages I had had. BUT I started to go downhill rapidly from there and didn't even notice it to start with. I ended up nearly bed ridden with a two year old, it was awful. But now after addressing my vit D deficiency and low iron and stopping T4 and going onto T3 only I am well again.

  • I too, felt worse after diagnosis than before and had more symptoms too. As soon as I switched from levo to T3 I immediately felt so much better. I am now on NDT.

    I don't know how you two ladies coped with a new baby as well.

    This is a link re pregnancy - from about the 3rd question down.

  • Hi Have you had a recent TSH, T4 and Free T3 done? Often childbirth can alter the thyroid. it may take a year ( congratulations by the way ). Also as said likely your Vit D has gone down, If test D is deficient you must have a calcium test as the corrected calcium has to always be in normal range. Then if OK, repeat every 3 months to increase the dose until OK. Then for life ,with occasional re tests. Vit D hormonal and takes 3 months to be at optimum in blood. If you put your results + ranges ( all different ) on the site, then we will look at them. As a general rule on treatment , T4 should be in top third of range and Free T3 near the top, as said you may need treatment with T3, on a script with the T4 ( thyroxine).

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    You probably know but to reply to anyone click on "Reply to this" or we will not know!

  • Hi Jackie, what do you mean "results + ranges (all different)"? I thought your results are your results, and by "ranges" I would have assumed you mean the range of values at which the docs would consider you normal, but those are standard, right? I mean, aren't the ranges the same for everyone (except maybe preggos)? Thanks for clarifying!

  • Hi Sorry Pc and I had a blip, replied on the main site by mistake, so look it up again.



  • Hi All ranges for most blood tests can different Labs,, especially thyroid tests, it is best to try and use all the same Labs, I , because of circumstances, have to use 4 different Labs, huge difference sometimes in ranges. A doctor goes by the ranges for the Lab that he has requested blood to be done. That is fine, but a good consultants also considers how one it and not just numbers, Also thyroid only truly diagnosed on TSH, T4 and Free T3, for example my FT 3 was the only thing low when I was quite ill with my symptoms.My TSH was fine and now very low, I see a good endo.Also, especially Gp`s do not consider treatment unless bloods are a lot out, in fact they say they are "normal", so vital to see your own and keep for comparison. If on treatment, we usually find we need T4 top third of range and FT3 near the top of range, this may make the TSH very low as T3 treatment does lower TSH and usually reduces weight too.

    If this is not clear, get back to me, as I am dyslexic and sometimes not clear!

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  • Hi,

    Before diagnosis I was unaware that anything was wrong, other than I could not lose weight and, having undergone several surgeries, did not feel I had regained my stamina. The reason I went to see the doctor was a persistent cough. Lo and behold -hypothyroid. I was told Levo would correct everything. What a load of rubbish. I am now less active, more overweight, forgetful, cannot concentrate, my hair is terrible and falls out, as have my eyelashes and eyebrows, I have hives, my eyesight deteriorated and arthritis has kicked in – but it’s nothing to do with my hypothyroidism or being on Levo only. Funny that I have deteriorated relatively quickly on Levo if the symptoms are nothing to do with the condition or the drug. I wish I had never been diagnosed.

  • Hi Vanessa, I agree, I was diagnosed after a random blood test. I had pains in all my joints, I used to say, every bone in my body hurt! Apart from that I was a up for anything mother/partner. Anyway after being diagnosed I was immediately prescribed with 125mg Levothyroxine. Since then, and taking Levothyroxine, I am constantly constipated (10 days at least!), puffy face and eyes, which were never there before taking the medication, weight gain, which to me is the most depressing, I cannot sleep, and the brain fog is ridiculous, I cannot think straight, and cannot take pressure anymore, which once I thrived on! I am very tempted to stop the tablets, and go back to the normal extrovert woman (apart from joint pain) that I was!

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