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Feeling fed up of being poorly

I was diagnosed back in March with an over active thyroid caused by Graves' disease. I was having heart palpitations, fast heart rate, the shakes, headaches, losing weight despite eating my bodyweight everday. I was tired all the time. Stuttering and my memory was shocking. I was put on a 60g of carmibizole and 4 betablockers a day. I then began gaining weight getting lots of mouth ulcers burning tongue. Sore joints pain everywhere. I'm now off work Again with a possible kidney infection although there's nothing in my wee. I've been in agony in my kidneys for three days and I waiting for lab results on Thursday. I'm so depressed and find it hard to keep going everyday. I keep having to rest and any kind of big activity wipes me out for days. I've had to reduce hours at work. And I feel rubbish. No one seems to understand.

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I'm sorry you're feeling so unwell. Living with a thyroid condition is tough. I wonder if you've had your vitamin levels tested? The reason I ask is because mouth ulcers can be a symptom of deficiencies in B vitamins. If you're deficient in vitamins coupled with a thyroid condition you will feel very poorly. Just a thought that you could ask your GP to test vit D, B12, folate and ferritin if not already done so. You could try taking 200mcg of Selenium which is said to help calm thyoid antibodies.


We definitely understand!

It sounds like you could have an allergy to the meds go back to GP and really stress how unwell you are and ask to be referred to an endo. You could try eliminating certain good groups from your diet. In the mean time. Nightshades are a big problem, tomato potato aubergine...

They can give joint pain and mouth ulcers.

I'm also gluten/casein (cows milk) free which made a huge difference.

So sorry you're so low. Things will get better but absolutely insist to see an endo.


Are you still on 60mg Carbimazole? It's a high dose to be on and if you have been on it since March you are more than likely now hypo.

How often have you been tested since diagnosis? Should be every 8-12wks really, especially after any dose changes.

What were your last test results? If you don't know then please start getting copies from your Endo (your GP is not experienced enough to be treating Graves' disease) or your GP. You are entitled to them, don't be fobbed off.

When you get your results start a new post for comments.

Sleep/rest as much as possible, try and stay away from stressful situations, eat as healthily as possible. Vitamin C, Vit B can be taken without testing and may help. Ask your GP to test iron, b12, Vit D, thyroid disease (hyper and hypo) depleted the body of vits and minerals.


Hi, you seem to have been on 60mg for a very long time. I always got bloods tested every 6-8 weeks and according to results titrate the carbimazole.

Has your doctor tested your white blood cell count? If not I would ask them to as sometimes carbimazole can affect this. Every time I got a sore throat etc I felt such a pest asking for a WBC test but the doctors appreciated this and not all were aware that a test must be done immediately when on carbimazole.

It's so important for you at this stage to be extra kind to yourself as your body has been in overdrive. When I was first diagnosed like yourself, I kept going and going until finally I absolutely had to come off work for 3months as I was a wreck what with all the thyroid symptoms you describe. You will get better but it is soooo important you stay away from stress and be extra kind to yourself putting yourself first. It's a hard thing to do but necessary.


I know what ur saying. I feel the same way. I was diagnosed 20 years ago with hyperthyroidism/graves disease. I also have high blood pressure. My friends dont get it. I have my good days and bad days and now i believe that iam going thru menopause. Iam just sick and tired of being sick and tired!


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