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Maca and thyroid

I just thought I'd mention that I had just started consuming maca in the mornings and this coincided with becoming over medicated . It may be coincidence but I've since read that it is a very powerful herb that can impact thyroid and result in the same side effects as those experienced with thyroid med. It has high levels of calcium and iodine which need to be taken away from medication.

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You may have well overmedicated as Maca, as you state above is high in iodine. Thyroid hormones contain iodine and it isn't recommended to supplement with it.

I would allow your system to settle and consider what you are supplementing as you did want to improve how you felt.


The maca was in a breakfast cereal ! A super foody thing !


I tried maca root powder. I really loved the taste of it but all it did for me was give me a bad headache.


Yes - my mum had a nasty headache after several morning pancakes with it in !


I always made pancakes with mine 😊


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