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Just been diagnosed with having hypothyroid. Really scared I'm not going to be able to live a normal life achains look after my children

Can anyone offer me some hope. I've read up loads over the last fews days and everything seems like it's such a struggle.

My tsh is 4.54 and t4 is 11.7. Dr didn't check my t3.

I haven't been sleeping properly, feel really shake and anxious all the time.

Dr started me on 25mg thyroxine every other day.

Does this seem right?

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Looks like your Doc is being cautious with the Levothyroxine as you already have palpitations and initially starting on thyroid meds can give palpitations until your body gets used to it.

It takes a few months to get to correct dose but try and get as much rest as possible once your little ones are in bed try and do the same.

Hopefully you will feel better within a few months.


Thank you for responding. I think I might go back tomorrow as she wasn't very informative. She just printed me off a leaflet gave me a prescription and sent me on my way.

My first port of call was Dr Google and I've been a bag of nerves ever since reading all the horrer stories about thyroxine.


Hey! Welcome to this forum. Don't be afraid. There are so many people here who will be able to help and reassure you. I was in the same boat 9 months ago but I've learnt so much from these lovely people on here. I struggled with Levothyroxine too but with a few trial and error, I feel okay now. Mine is a bit different to yours as I had nodules. Had a total thyroidectomy 2 weeks ago, so on a bigger dose of Thyroxine. As I'm sure many people will tell you, it's best to have a lower TSH and T4 in the higher range. Give the Thyroxine a chance and if you don't get on with the brand you are taking now, remember there are other brands. Many of us react differently to different brands of Levothyroxine, so it's trial and error. Just want you to know, you are not alone. Make sure you always ask for a copy of your blood results as you are entitled to it. The blood results will come in handy later. It would be good if your GP could check your T3 to check if your T4 is being converted. You'll also learn from here that you have to push for what you want with doctors. So, don't be scared. I've just gone through a rough year but so much better now and I have two young kids. They will adapt and kids are very understanding. They can help you out with little chores. Try get as much rest as you can until the meds kicks in. Also remember to take your Levothyroxine on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and leave half to an hour before breakfast. Leave 4 hours before you take some medications.

Take care



Thank you so much Tamzin27 apart from the shake feeling and palpatations dry hair and lack of a good night's sleep i feel fine. I got no problem getting out of bed in the morning and I'm certainly not in any type of pain.

Do we have a normal future ahead? That's all I need to know. I want to live a happy fulfilled life with my husband and family I don't want to be depressed with brain fog, over weight and bold.

That's just not me 😯


I think we do have a normal future hun but it will be slightly different whereby you will have to think about your medication and be a bit more organised with it all. And educate yourself about the thyroid as much as you can. The more you know the more you can help yourself. Good luck but don't despair. There's so many people out there in the same position. Just need to get your meds right and find a good GP who will listen to your symptoms and not just blood levels. If it gets worst ask for a referral to an endocrinologist.



You're lucky your GP prescribed levo, my results were similar to yours & my GP said I was fine!?

I've started to self medicate (just over 2 weeks ago) & I'm starting to feel much better. Make sure all your vitamins are optimal as this will help your thyroid too.

There is light at the end of the tunnel you will eventually start to feel better but it takes at least 3 to 4 weeks. You sound like you have a good GP so discuss any concerns with them.

The people on this forum are amazingly knowledgeable about this condition too.

You'll be fine, just don't expect to feel better overnight xx


Thanks for responding. What were your levels? If you don't mind me asking. How are you managing to self medicate?

I haven't had any vitamin levels checked as of yet. I have started taking evening primrose oil but I'm not to sure what I else I need to be taking. Can you offer me some help on that?

Thanks again


I've posted my results below.

I'm fairly new to this but have picked up an awful lot of info from more knowledgeable people on this forum.

I have learnt that your vits are all related to how well your thyroid works, so all these need to be at good levels to help you to feel better. See this ...

I'm not sure what the Primrose Oil will do, but be careful what you take as there are some things that wont agree with your thyroid or your medication (there will be others who know much more about this than me)

I'm currently taking 2500mcg of B12, a b complex, 400mcg of folate, 125mcg of D3 - to increase my B12, vitamin d & serum folate levels.

I began self medicating with NDT (Natural Desiccated Thyroid) as my doctor refuses to prescribe me anything as my blood results show that my thyroid is 'tickety boo'. I couldn't see any other way for me to feel better. I was exhausted, irritable, making mistakes at work, getting my words muddled, carrying an extra 3 stone in weight & unable to use it & I could only see this getting worse unless I got help.

It is really daunting when you're first diagnosed (or not diagnosed in my case) but people on this forum really are extremely knowledgeable and helpful so post any questions on here & you'll usually get an answer.

Ferritin 80.3 (Range 20 - 150 ug/L


TSH H 4.66 (Range0.27 - 4.20 IU/L)

T4 Total 100.5 (Range 64.5 - 142.0 nmol/L)

Free T4 16.22 (Range 12 - 22 pmol/)

Free T3 5.40 (Range 3.1 - 6.8 pmol/L)


Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs 6.4 (Range <34 kIU/L)

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs 11.4 (Range <115 kU/L



Vitamin B12 256 Deficient (Range <140 pmol/L Insufficient 140 - 250 Consider reducing dose >725)

Serum Folate 13.41 (Range 10.4 - 42.4 nmol/L



Wow my tsh was lower than yours but you Dr wouldn't medicate? Wow!! my t4 was slightly lower at 11.7.

I'm going to look into these vitamins today but I haven't been tested for them as of yet. Can I get them done private?

I'm off to see Dr Peatfield on the 6 of December. He has a wealth of knowledge with regards to this health problem.

I'm also considering ndt of the thyroxine doesn't help me. How much does it cost if you don't mind me asking? Dr peatfield reccomends this I think he will put me in the right direction for Armour.

Thanks again Lisa


It took me 6-8mths to properly feel a lot better but every month was an improvement from the last and I am now back to my old self so far touch wood good luck xxx


That's such a good thing to hear, thank you. Are you taking thyroxine? How much and how do you feel in it. Have you had hair loss - this bit freaks me out?


I am I was quite a while going un diagnosed so I was on 100mg from the start. I didn't have hair shedding until I started the levo which had me anxious and worried but then it stopped after 6mths I have a good doctor and they said due to how long I was not medicated would take longer than others to settle and get to my levels but once it did I've never looked back so try and be positive it is hard but honestly if I knew what I did now I don't think I would have stressed myself so much. Hope all goes well for you I really do and hope you feel like your old self soon xxx


Thank for that. I'm only on a Tony amount of thyroxine. 25mg every other day I know this needs increasing but I'm not are whether to just take 1 tab daily. The Dr did say that to me on diagnosis but wrote every other day on my prescription. I'm hair has gone really fine and dry. I'm so scared that I'm going to get bald patches. I have made an appointment with Dr peatfiled soon so I'm hoping he will advise me on supplements and whether I need t3 as well at thyroxine. I'm ordering further bloods with blue horizon to check things further. At least I can take these with me and to my Dr at my next appointment.


If he said take daily he may have wrote it wrong on the perscription as that is very low. I take biotin, evening primrose oil, pre natal vitamins and a cod liver oil every day you may be low in iron I would get him to do a blood test on all the vitamins to see what you are lacking in my hair thinned near the fringe a bit nothing too bad my hair shed for a bit after being put on levo then eventually stopped its just the levo readjusting until your levels are reached xx


I think im just going take one tablet every morning and go by what she said at the appointmemt Thats exactly the same place my hair is becoming thin. I've been takin evening primrose oil and Omega 3 oil. Blue horizon does the full thyroid test including tsh, t4, t3, iron ferrite and vitamin d so I should get a better understanding of what I'm lacking in. Has you fringe area/hair thickened back up in general? Do you need t3 as well as thyroxine or you okay just on the one type?


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