I'm having RAI and am intending to stay a few nights away from the family (children 15 and 17). I live in France

I'd appreciate any guidelines in English anyone can provide as to how often to flush the loo, really how long you should stay away from adolescents and when, finally, someone can give me a hug again! I've got the French guidelines and they say that I need to stay at least 2 metres away from all under 18s for a week. We'll do our best

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  • These are the instructions I had from the nuclear physicist following 100mCi I-131:

    1-24 days - Avoid close contact with pregnant women and under 18s

    1-12 days - Avoid close contact with people. Journey by public transport not to exceed one hour in any one vehicle, sit in back of car. Keep 1 set cutlery/crockery washed separately from other utensil & don't prepare food for others or go to dentist, hairdresser, pubs, clubs & cinemas. Drink plenty of fluids & avoid splashing urine. Double flush toilet. Shower frequently.

  • Thanks so much for that. I've been told seven days so I presume all is related to the dosage.

  • Yes it is. On 100mCi I was in isolation in hospital for 3 days until level dropped to 20mCi. When I had follow up 30mCi for whole body scan, there was no isolation and restrictions were lifted after two days.

    Close contact doesn't mean don't be in the same room. Just avoid physical contact as much as you can.

  • Why are you having RAI?

  • Over 10 years on ATDs and I'm not really okay at all...

  • Are you sure there is no alternative to rai? Its a bit barbaric. What's up with anti thyroid meds or at the least a proper operation to remove the gland?

  • There are alternatives but I was diagnosed 17 years ago and none of them have worked (apart from surgery which, even in very pro-surgery France, they are not recommending).

  • Hi had rai on Monday was clear on Friday was isolated from every one for that time in hospital tray for food - hatch door then home had teenagers and 6 yr old hug no problem don't sleep or spend unnecessary time common sense prevail time out for u to catch up on sleep n reading main concern is for u not to come in contact with ladies in early pregnancy. Hope this helps.Had it 6 years ago in Ireland ,no big deal u a mother with teenagers u need the rest.

  • Thanks for this, I'm trying as hard as possible to stay positive about it all and this is really helpful

  • My husband has been there done that but was strongly advised not to have RAI

    He had surgury instead

    Have they checked you do not also have Hashimotos running in tandem because they often dont

    thats the error they mafde with my husband

  • I was told to suck lemon flavoured sweets after 24 hrs I think, to prevent damage to saliva glands. Also I drank all the huge jugs of water they gave me to flush it through.

    It's not a nice time but you'll get through it. Lots of double loo flushing for about 2 weeks I think .My teenage daughter split up with her boyfriend at that time and I had to ' instruct' my husband to hug her when she wanted to hug me! Good luck xx

  • I was told to sit the other side of room from EVERYONE. I slept downstairs away from hubby. My children were adults and so they just went to work and then in their rooms when they came home. Even the cats couldn't come on my lap!!!! But they advised me that the loo needs flushing twice( once after a P) but a room length away is what I was advised for 5 days. X

  • Oh and not to prepare food for anyone. No public transport. No work for a week!!,

  • My then partner refused to sleep in the spare room, or to chauffeur while I sat in the back seat and nothing bad apparently happened to him. Fortunately I work from home and drive, so it wasn't a big hassle.

  • Thanks to all of you. It pretty much corresponds to what I have been told, and I presume that you get progressively less radioactive as the time in quarantine progresses.

  • Yes, you do. That's why drinking copious amounts and frequent showering is recommended to flush it from your system. Have you been told to avoid foods with iodine in? I was craving sea food after my scan.

    Nuclear physicist advised precautions are in view of what we don't know today that may have repercussions in 30 years. I let my dogs sleep on the bed but stopped them licking me.

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