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Blood results

Hi everyone, some help please. My friend has asked me to look st her results, as she has been very tired, bad mood, and hair falling out big time. I told her to get her results

Ringed out, and anything I didn't understand, I would consult the oracle!

She was tested for thyroid which seems ok tsh .75, and three quarters up the ranges for t4.

Her b12 was low at /93, so she can supplement those, but her folate was 10.8(2.5-9999),

So her ferratin was -9(15-300).her GP said everything ok, but even on her result paper it said that the results were lower than last time. Her GP said it was probably the menopause, and has given her hurt!

As I'm not sure about the best levels for ferratin and folate, could someone advise please, a.so which is the easiest dose of iron to take.( I'm aware that you all say take vit c with it) I can't believe her doc said everything was ok( there again, I can!)

Many thanks.

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I like any of the 'gentle iron' varieties (Solgar does Gentle Iron but Jarrow and Terranova also do a gentle product). If you're badly in need you can take more than one.


you may find this forum helpful in relation to B12 and folate


the test results (293 per other post) for b12 may be indicative of a deficiency - test is not a good one and evaluation of symptoms is important but most people aren't aware of this.


ferritin is a protein that binds to iron so low levels may be indicative of an iron anaemia but needs evaluation of haemoglobin levels - ie another test that can't be evaluated on its own. Likely that the haemoglobin isn't showing any problems if the GP isn't worried about the ferritin result.


Low ferritin in itself (i.e. Without being anaemic yet) can cause lots if symptoms. I know because I had very low ferritin and felt awful. I was absolutely exhausted so much so that I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs sometimes without having to stop and rest. Have been in iron tablets and feel SO much better. They take a while to kick in mind so you need to persevere.

Others on this site recommended that I take 4 a day of the solgar gentle iron with 1000mg of vit c to aid absorption (also helps to counteract the constipation). I split these into two doses a day. You have to take them on an empty stomach (so 2 hrs after food and 1 hr before food) as lots of foods inhibit iron absorption.

I have now dropped my dose to Just two tablets a day and am about to retest to check my levels are ok. This is important as too much iron is also toxic. My GP has refused to do this (as my last test was within range) so am paying for this.

I am extremely surprised the GP has said this is OK especially the B12. Can she see another GP? She needs to be tested for pernicious anaemia I would suggest. And also some investigation into why her vits are so low. Her B12 is very low and this can cause all sorts of problems including nerve damage so needs to be corrected. Personally I would complain about that GP that is pretty disgusting.

B12 wise this is the info I have gleaned from others on this forum:

"B12 - sublingual solgar or jarrows sublingual methylcobalamin

B complex to balance (methylfolate not folic acid, no more than 60mg b6)

Take b vits in morning"

Although your friend may well need injections as she is deficient so ideally she should persist with her GP

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