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Good Morning....I recently reported that I was having to log in continually in order to gain access to HUTUK posts and then again when I wanted to do a replyI had to log in again.I've been asked to log in countless times every day.I adjusted my cookies ....it worked for a short while and then it started again..I emailed them too.Apparently they have stopped the ". Keep me logged in" as it was creating technical difficulties.

Yesterday I told them that if they don't stop this I shall leave!! I naturally will miss everybody but am getting fed up with it all.

Can anyone advise again as to where I may personally be going wrong? It would be much appreciated.If I keep altering my settings it's going to end up confusing me,so need some help........I am using an iPad............thanks x

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You aren't going wrong. The problem is with HU. I don't log in every time so I don't believe 'Keep me logged in' has been disabled. Please try deleting cookies again and see if it helps this time. If not, I would email HU every day until they fix the problem.

I have also emailed HU bringing their attention to your post and asking them to help.

Thank you so much Clutter .....I was beginning to think senility had definitely arrived!!.........however,mustn't discount the fact that it may have anyway😴😴......sorry....not something I should joke about!

I will try the cookie route and if it doesn't work HU will get to hear from me as you suggest......thanks for your in put to them too.I don't want it to come to leaving....I would miss you all too much x


I hope they can fix your problem. There have been site issues at the weekend which need fixing so don't expect to hear anything today.

Keep me logged in has been disabled Clutter. :( I have confirmation from Laura.

Lyn and I also have to intermittently log in all the time! NOT a cookie problem from our end, as far as we can see...



How odd, I only need to log in during the middle of a session when there are site issues.

I have just had to log in again in order to answer you Clutter. that's 3 times this morning.I begin to think that they are out to jeopardise us.Perhaps we are too successful for them.I will be forced into only looking at posts late in the day so as to avoid this ridiculous situation.......don't need high blood pressure too!!


I'm afraid HU are the only people who can help with what is a site issue and you should continue emailing them for help.

Thanks Clutter....yes I have sent a further email this morning and have just logged in again to answer you !!!!!!!

Have a good day🤗 X

You're not the only one. I have lost count of how many times this past week. Especially frustrating when you've answered someone and it wont accept it. So I've to open a new link to HU, sign in, then paste and copy the response I made earlier into the new page I've opened.

I had a series of this a few months ago but I cannot be bothered as it was never resolved last time but did eventually work normally, only for it to start up again. I think I must have logged in about 4 times yesterday when I have 'keep me logged in'.

Hi there Shaws....I do hope things are sorted for you too.As you can see from my reply above to Clutter I couldn't even get past a log in session to send a message to you both. However,all is well now.....long may it last.It goes without saying that I hope you are keeping well x

Hi Marfit Thankfully I am fine with no clinical symptoms.

I am glad you too are fine. What a difference it makes doesn't it. Why cannot members be offered at least a trial of an additional thyroid hormone or combination if patient is still complaining on a decent dose of levo?

This was happening to me every time I went back to the web- site from another site and was driving me nuts. Turned out I was on 'private' browsing on my iPad. Have you looked into that?

Thanks for that .....I have now looked at it ......something else to learn.so many things are different at the moment .I recently had to have a new battery which meant the expert removing the screen .Things haven't been the same since.........soon be time for a change I think.Yes I did suddenly have a dark background .........don't like it.


HU Helpdesk have had a lot of complaints and acknowledge that it has been an issue for a long time. The tech team are trying to find a solution.

I would continue emailing support for help until the issue is resolved.

Many thanks Clutter......you are doing your best.......At least my email address and password are firmly lodged in my brain !!!!!!! 👍👍

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