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Things are still very inconsistent with logging in .....sometimes having to log in two or more times with a visit depending on what I want to open.

Can anyone tell me where mandrillapp.com fits in ? It comes up on screen before health unlocked and then I get asked to log in.

I'm not getting anything sorted with HealthUnlocked support and don't want to mess around with my settings without knowing what I'm doing.......just not finding an answer to it ........help much appreciated .....it's all becoming boring.

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I had this problem once and it is so frustrating. I got some instructions if I remember correctly from one of the admins but can't remember who or what now but I only had the problem on my phone which I usually use but not my pc. Have you noticed this? Just wanted to put that out there as your reply may make it easier for someone to help.

Just had a flash back. It was something to do on my phone that I had pressed 'private' on by mistake so I had to keep long in as it couldn't recognize my saved password. I know that doesn't sound helpful but someone more technically minded might realise what I'm trying to say and can explain it properly and no, HealthUnlocked couldn't help me either!


Hi silverfox7,

I have already logged in twice this morning...once to read your reply and again after breakfast to reply to you!! What I can't understand is that when it first happened I had not touched any settings or changed anything .It happens every time that mandrill app.com comes up before healthunlocked.com......it's a complete turn off!! I am not understanding it. I could easily depart,but then I lose contact with all you lovely people and your help when needed.

Thanks anyway for trying to help x

PS I'm using an iPad.


I am having no problems with ipad. Mandrill always comes first on mine. Could be a setting problem. I am not a techie but is it possible to delete the app and then reinstall?


Just had time to sit down and think about it! Don't know about iPad as never used one but when I access the HU email then it info comes up on Safari. So if you delete everything thenn on safari then you get a page which says private on the left and done on the right at the bottom of the page. Now I'm left handed so often active things on the left that I don't mean to and don't notice so I have activated Private by mistake. When you do this it says something along the line of that passwords won't be saved etc so after I changed the setting on that from Pricate I had no probs but can't remember of hand whether I had to put password back in again or not. It was Louise at Thyroid Uk who solved it for me and like you I couldn't understand it as I wasn't doing anything different but I didn't realised I'd activated a setting I didn't want. Hope this helps for iPad.


I'm going to follow this to find out about mandrillapp.com also.

If I allow insufficient time to wake up my computer, the screen comes up "can't find -try again?" or words to that effect. If I "try again" it happily trots to the right place. Except when I'm going to HU and mandrillapp.com comes up, I have to start from my original link.

I think what I'm trying to say is it's just been one of those curiosities but obviously for you it's causing bigger problems. Sorry I can't be more help.


I have Norton security and I get a notice once a week saying I need a quick scan, when this happens the green tick turns to a goldy colour until I have scanned, it then says when it is finished and I click on it for the tick to turn green again. I find I then have to log into all my accounts once again after the scan. Sorry I am not techno but wonder if this helps. The other thing I have been having problems with is some of the posts I am unable to see the replies. I was told to make sure the following is ticked, but even when this is ticked sometimes I still cannot access responses. What I have found in this regard is to click on refresh and somehow the responses start showing. It is all mind boggling.


Off a techie website - "Mandrill is an email infrastructure service that you can use Mandrill to send personalized, one-to-one e-commerce emails, or automated transactional emails like password resets, order confirmations, and welcome messages"

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Hi every one who has tried to help me.....having seen and taken on board about resetting passwords I have now gone to ...forgotten password? and pretended I had forgotten it!!! ......Hence I have reset and confirmed a password .......the same one I have always been using !!......It has been accepted!! ........I am still puzzled, however, if it now works ......fine !!

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