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I have had this problem previously. I am ticked to stay logged in but today, I have had to log in three separate times while answering a couple of posts. It either tells me my post is inappropriate! or some such rubbish.

When I've answered a post, I cannot submit. Have to open a new page and log in again and then copy/paste answer from original. then remove the original, so if things don't make sense this is the reason why.I have now given up as I cannot keep doing this whenever I respond today. It was solved for a short period but it shouldn't happen at all. What's the point of 'ticked to keep logged in' .........

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  • You are not alone i am fed up with constant need to log in every time

    The site refusesto retain my password

  • Same for me!🤔

  • Me too ! ! ! .....

  • Yesterday i kept getting information and logging in request on Spanish ? The postimgs were the same ? Bit confusing? Might be me , i am not computer user.

  • If your language settings get corrupted and you want to get back to English, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you'll see three languages to choose from. Click on English.

  • I shall try that. Thanks.

  • 😎😎😀😀

  • In Spanish? Maybe they're preparing you for your Holidays :)

  • I have the same thing. Cant stay logged in, as it doesnt remember my details, specially on the iPad though sometimes it remembers on the phone. Its a pain.

  • I get logged out of everything..

    Even LIFE sometimes ! ! ... LOL .

  • Oh I know that feeling pmsl !

  • Same here - about to give up on HU

  • That's a shame if you are going to drop out. Click on help above and send them an email.

  • I just clicked on a notification to your post and when the page cane up it asked me to join although I am logged in and didn't log in again! I just closed window.

  • I had to e mail the support centre myself and report my daily posts not coming through during the week, though fortunately they did sort it for me.

  • It is frustrating to say the least and as it's happened previusly the problem should not be repeated.

  • I don't know what's going on but it should be reported.

  • I wonder if Thyroid UK have considered setting up their own forum on their own website?

  • Rosetrees we used to have one in the beginning and very much better it was too. It had a map of who was near you and was much easier to navigate.

  • Haven't had any problems over the last 24 hours but had trouble replying to posts a while back, support centre couldn't figure out why but eventually changed my browser and it seemed to solve the problem. Now I cannot create a new post - at all.

  • Your problem is worse than mine and you should report it by sending an email to HU, click on help.

  • Thanks shaws, will have another go at emailing HU but I don't have much confidence in them.

  • I'm not surprised but if we don't report they'll be unaware there's problems and members might just fade away and they may have important advice for new members. :)

  • You are absolutely right, will get on to it right away.

  • Ditto


  • me too!

  • I've had similar problems and could only log in under the HU Gluten Free Gorillas site !

  • It's bad enough needing info never mind having difficulties logging in.

  • So glad i found this site the info is invaluable. I have trouble posting , hope it is made easier. I guess it would be a big job to re gig the format. I will try to report also to HU

  • No problems here in Silicon Valley, strange that. So many miles to get screwed up, but it didn't.

  • It has never remembered to keep me logged in. I just shrug and log in each time. The site design is diabolical. It's supposed to be optimized for mobile devices, but I can't use it all on my android phone: some browsers won't log in and in others the menu covers the entire screen so you can't read anything. If your screen size/resolution is not just what they want the Help menu item wraps round and sits on top of Post (and it's almost invisible) which mean you can't click Post. The solution is to make your browser window slightly smaller (or larger).

  • I find it very frustrating if I've answered and cannot submit. What I have found because I have to open another page and when it says log on then 'unable to as email/password is wrong, I delete the password and enter the exact same one and it takes me into the forum. But what frustrates me even more is when I'm told my post is 'inappropriate'.

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