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Has anyone used Dr Rajendra Sharma or Dr Sister ??

Hello everyone, I have been trying to convince my GP for a number of years that I have a problem with my thyroid, without success and have decided to see a private doctor as the many symptoms I have are getting worse. Has anyone used the services of either of these 2 doctors, or any others based in London and listed on the list? If you have, would you please pm your personal opinions so that I can decide which one I'm going to see knowing that they have helped someone in a similar situation. Really appreciate your time, thanks x

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Hi Depressednanny,

Feel free to repost your question if you haven't had any feedback via PMs.


No nothing at all .... but I have been given the name of an endo who apparently specialises in thyroid cases so I'm hoping to make contact soon.

Thanks for your interest x


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