Has anyone used cbd oil successfully?

Hi, today I watched a new documentary called The Sacred Plant. The content is basically how cannabis has been used for 10,000 years as a medicine, until the USA renamed it marijuana, and prohibited it back in 1937.

This documentary shows various people will all types of diseases, being put in remission by introducing cannabis oil/plant. I don't mean smoking it as in the street drug.

I've done some research and lots of people are stating that their fibromyalgia, thyroid, bi polar, ms etc, have been helped by cbd oil.

I just wondered, if anyone in this group had any experience of cbd oil having a positive effect on their thyroid symptoms? Thanks 😊

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Haven't used it but gave researched it, and this company seems to have a good reputation: lovecbd.org

Lots of reviews on Trustpilot, link from website. From the reviews it seems to be particularly helpful for Crohns.


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That's very interesting that it may assist thyroid problems. thank you for posting that as I will definitely be looking into it. Possibly even giving it a go.

Anecdotally I do know someone who was given a terminal cancer diagnosis and less than a year to live. She had only been diagnosed with cancer months earlier at the early age of late 20s. At this stage her partner insisted she tried cbd oil. One small drop on her tongue each day I believe. She did speak to her consultant before trying it and he said it was worth trying. Within 2 months she was in remission. With 6 months she was declared completely cancer free. I think that was about 4 years ago and she is still fine and they are about to be married. Shame because hes lush ( lol ) a bit young for me unfortunately.

After talking to others about this a number of people told me that this is not uncommon.

I can confess to having smoked it many moons ago but wouldn't recommend it. Not great for the mental health, well certainly not for me anyway.

But if the oil could help my thyroid I'm in ! Although do you still get the munchies with the oil ? Because I can live without that side effect !

If you want to watch the 1st episode of the documentary it's on youtube (Don't know how long it will be on), it's called The Sacred Plant. There was a guy on who was given 6 maths to live with cancer, 7 years on he's still alive. Another woman had lupus and another auto immune disease, can't remember know which one, and she was taking 40 different tablets a day and had had 14 surgeries, she is know much better, plus others. It's really good.

It seems the cases you hear about are the miracle cures, we don't tend to hear about the cases where it didn't work. But it seems to be a promising area of research and Oxford University is setting up a research group looking at various possible therapeutic uses:


I've jyst checked YouTube, it's been taken off. There is a Facebook group The Sacred Plant.

Ah, but the stuff you smoke has a lot of THC in it to make you stoned, while the CBD oil doesn't or it can't be sold legally.

It works on my cat for cancer pain, but that's all I can say. It hasn't reduced the tumour size.

You can get a useful guide from cbdoilsuk.com/buyers-guide/

You can buy it in Spain.

I tried it. Just made me feel sick and terrible headaches. Passed it on to a friend who has rheumatoid arthritis to see if it would help her but she had the same problems.

It's worth a go as everyone reacts differently. Good luck.

I bought some CBD oil from Amsterdam only 2.5% and since taking it I have felt much better not sure what my bloods say but I know I'm more alert no brain fog

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