Dr Myhill, has anyone used her for test result interpretation?

Just found this Dr's website via the thyoid doctor list, one of the services she offers are results interpretation (if they are recent) it cost around £80, then she writes to your GP with her findings and advice. Just wondered if anyone has used or had any luck converting Gp's rigid adherance to TSH guldelines following her advice. :-)

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  • Yeah I've used it a couple of times. It's only £80 for the first interpretation. She writes well to your gp but its whether hell/she'll take notice. She just gives her recommendations Asti what she thinks should be done, "going forward"


  • Ah I see, so it may just be that myb own gp refuses the reccomendation anyway, so back to square one. Doh :(

  • She will send you a comprehensive questionnaire as well as looking at blood results.

  • I did wonder how she would get a broad enough picture to base her diagnosis!

  • like sporty says, it's whether your GP will take any notice.

    My GP does NOT take ANY notice of Dr Myhill, she may as well NOT EXIST, I wonder if she even reads her letters :x

    However I adore Dr Myhill and still follow all of her recommendations and my GP knows that 'I don't take any notice of her' (ie don't take any notice of my GP :D )

  • ...i mean...what have you ever come across a good GP? I have only ever met one in my life time.....

  • sorry, when have you....

  • But how would you get hold of perscription medication if your GP doesn't listen to Dr Myhill, I am guessing she cant perscribe it for you directly?

  • Dr Myhill is a fully registered doctor and as such she does prescribe :) so yes I don't need my GP (unless I want to get something on NHS prescription)

    However bear in mind that for many things she will only prescribe if she has seen you in person, but she will say whether she is going to prescribe for you or not.

    My son has been put on T3 by Dr Myhill, my GP wanted him on levo

  • That's handy if I can get to see her then ( well if she thinks I need treatment ) I'm hoping there will be something to help me get rid of all the horrible symptoms ! So we pay for prescriptions if our own gp does not agree with her finding I guess. Are your prescriptions very expensive then ? Sorry for one million questions, just preparing myself for whatever I need to do :-)

  • well, thankfully I have managed to get my T3 on the NHS so that helped. But I buy for myself: vitamin B12 injections every 5 days (costs £12 for 6 to 8 months), strontium £18 for 2 months, vitamin C £8 for 2 months, magnesium £15 for 3 months, multiminerals £35 for 2 1/2 months, DHEA £7 for 6 months. At present I am also detoxing with extra selenium and glutathione £28 every 2 months so that is approx £41 to 45 per month. Oh sorry forgot the LDN which is 18.50 a month so I guess it's £63.50 a month plus prescription charges £65 a month total eeeekkkkk! and that is without the vitamin D which I am waiting for my GP to prescribe as she said she 'might'

  • Sounds a lot to be fair, BUT , whist creating a list of symptoms for GP appointment, I also created a list of health care products I have had to purchase to act as a sticking plaster for all of my symptoms, which are :- eye drops, biotene moisturising mouth wash, e45 itch, e45 shower emolient , e45 skin moisturiser. Eurycin face cream, senna tabs and pro biotics,tgel for itchy scalp, vitamin d extra strength tablets as mine is low (like most people suffering with thyroid I guess) antibiotics on repeat perscription because of repeat UTI'S these are prophalactic so don't take them every day, just post sex (tres romantic) they make me feel sick soon after! Anyway that totals the best part of seventy pounds most months and nearer eighty on anti biotic perscription fee months :-( so I suppose if these medications are working, as in treating the problem and not the effects, this is a real bonus!

  • yes a lot of money :(

    however it will go down by £14 a month in 6 months time :D as I will stop the detox, so it will be £51 a month, still a lot :(

    hey, but I don't go to the pub or on holiday so I guess it's ok?

  • Agreed, but I think you get so frustrated and sick of feeling rubbish that the cost becomes insignificant (as long as its within your means of course) anything that makes you feel well and gives you your life back, for me would be a god send! :-) Heres to feeling healthy again x

  • I agree with you, I have had to pay for various things, but anything to get my health back, still a way to go x

  • hi there, it may be cheaper to buy a yearly prescitption, rather than paying them seperately every month. Or you can buy a monthly one = I believe to about 4 prescription, so if you have more than that a month it works out cheaper to buy anually or monthly xxx

  • Thats a good idea, I buy my antibiotics usually every 2/3 months and everything else is over the counter stuff so not helpful to me as yet, but for others that could be a real money saver! :-)

  • I did read somewhere that unfortunately Dr Myhill is not taking on new patients at the moment, so it might not be possible to go and see her even if you have the tests done.

    I have never seen her, but I did have the Mito test done around 4 years ago, and had a phone appointment once, so on this basis she prescribes some things for me, but I have been lucky enough to get T3 via an endo and now my GP. I think she would be more cautious re thyroid meds due to all the issues with the GMC.

  • Its a minefield isn't it, whilst everyone is tip toeing around the issue and discussing what may or may not be ethical re treating symptoms as well as blood results, people like us have to wait endlessly for help we rightfully deserve. Makes me so angry.

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