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Has anyone heard of or used 'MycoPhyto' for Hashimoto's?

I've been reading about it online but there is very little information - its described as ''a blend of mushrooms that balances your immune system and calms overactive cells. This product can be used for any type of immune system disorder''. I'm wondering if it would help with the autoimmune condition of Hashi's?

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Meant to say i have also read that people with Hashimoto's should stay away from medicinal mushrooms because they are 'immune stimulating' - so i'm confused how these are supposedly immune balancing....


Oh - another promotion for cordyceps. That link rather misses the fact that Nepalese tend to have genetic differences which help them cope with altitude.

Even if it were helpful with autoimmune diseases, I wouldn't believe it from that link. Isn't it amazing how these promotional features manage to describe products that help with both under- and over-active immune systems? A bit like having an amazing central heating system that makes your house warm in winter and cool in summer - not entirely far-fetched with heat-pump technology but not quite as simple, cheap and effective as it might initially sound.


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Thanks Rod! I didnt know what cordyceps was but just googled it and see its the mushroom. There is so much rubbish on the internet - i shall just stick to reputable books like Izabella Wentzs' etc..:)


Oh god! I just googled it too!!! Wish I hadn't. It's disgusting. I certainly wouldn't take anything like that! Call me illogical if you wish, but... no. Definately not.


sorry, I did not yet hear of this, but some weeks ago I was told that nettles should help with autoimmune diseases.

But also there, it's nearly impossible to find some helpful texts on the Internet.... :-(


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