Battle with Doctors ..and Hypo problems

I am very concerned about my health. I made an appointment last year with an Endocrinologist. I had lab work and my TSH was 3.4 (considered normal on lab corp ranges) but when doing research online and my primary doctor, they said 3.4 is high on what it should be consider the new "normal". My LDL Cholesterol was also high. Well after a year of very good nutrition ..research about thyroid, gym, exercise. I asked my doctor to also check my Free T3 and Free T4 plus Reverse T3, basically I did this because of my research.

Labwork came back TSH 5.8 (out of the normal for Labcorp) but my doctor said it was fine again. Free T3 low and he said it was fine. Reverse T3 a little on the high end. Base on research when Free T3 is low it can affect Cholesterol (well when thyroid is underactive) and then Both thyroid and Cholesterol affect my free testosterone which is low now.

He just gave me medicine for the cholesterol. I went to another doctor and this one tells me he only considers HYPO someone with TSH higher than 10. Completely different than all information online and books. He said my cholesterol is high but HDL ratio to triglycerides was good. (which is true base on my research). He thinks I may be the exception and have a problem with a 5.8 TSH and wants to give me Synthroid.

I am planning to go to another doctor. Because the more books and research I read. This is not right. My tsh is high.. my free t3 is low. it can be a conversion of T4 to T3 problem. Therefore in order to solve it I need Armour or Armour+Cytomel but both doctors I saw think my TSH is fine and they believe TSH is the important part, when everywhere doctors keep repeating to check FT3 and FT4 ! and Reverse T3.

I need more opinions. I put the references number on the side. Last year TSH was 3.4 and T4 was 1.5 but no T3 or Reverse.

Cholesterol is higher than last year..only LDL and Testosterone was normal last year.


Lipid Panel

Total Cholesterol - 334 mg/dL ---High 100-199

Triglycerides - 59 mg/dL 0-149

HDL - 84 mg/dL >39

VLDL - 12 mg/dL 5-40

LDL - 238 mg/dL 0-99


Free T4 1.25 ng/dL 0.82 - 1.77

TSH 5.8 uIU/mL 0.45 - 4.5

Reverse T3 20.2 ng/dL 9.2 - 24.1

Free T3 1.5 pg/mL LOW 2.0 - 4.4

SHBG 55.9 nmol/L 16.5 - 55.9

Free Testosterone (Direct) 5.3 pg/mL LOW 9.3 - 26.5

Total Testosterone 471 ng/dL 348 - 1197

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  • You're quite right, it should be recognised. But sadly it isn't. There are many doctors who just won't accept that a rising TSH is not normal. Isn't it strange how they seem to think that a TSH of 9.9 would be OK, but a TSH of 10 wouldn't? Insanity.

    I think your next move would be to ask to have your thyroid antibodies checked. If you have high antibodies, it indicates that you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) and that your thyroid will fail in time. Sometimes doctors can then be persuaded to trial thyroxine, as you'll need it eventually anyway. That might be why your doctor's offered Synthroid. I'd start there, if I were you. You may not need NDT, just extra T4 and it would be worth trying. If you aren't converting T4 to T3 it can be because your serum levels of ferritin are too low, so it would be worth having that tested.

    High cholesterol is actually a symptom of hypothyroidism. That used to be well known once but it isn't taught any more.

  • Higher cholesterol is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism. Doctors appear to be ignorant that once on thyroid hormone replacement it will reduce without statins.

    The guidelines by the British Thyroid Association are that we must not be diagnosed util the TSH reaches 10 regardless of any symptoms we have and they don't take symptoms into account at all. Some doctors will do so if it is just over range. They all appear to be ignorant of the effect clinical symptoms have on us.

    This is from

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