T3 and still not great

Hi I hope someone out there can help. I am currently on 25 T3 and 50 levo - initially I felt a lot better (and still feel much better than on levo only) but now am very tired and fed up again also weight is a problem. A higher T3 dose gave me palpitations although I generally felt better. I am wondering if NDT would suit me better? And if so how do I get it prescribed? I see a good endo who has prescribed T3 but not NDT. Any ideas? Is it worth a try? Thanks in advance for your advice!

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  • Your combined dose may still be a little low of approx may be a little low. Try increasing by 1/4 tablet T3. Before blood tests/levo we were given doses of NDT around 200 to 400mcg. Dr Skinner and Dr P always said the doses were too low that were prescribed. (to keep our TSH 'in range' rather than relief of symptoms. Our doses of NDT were gradually increased until relief of symptoms.

  • When are you taking your meds?  You'll get better results on an empty stomach and shouldn't take them together.

    It may be self deception but I feel much better on T3 alone.  I really struggle with weight on T4 and hate that (which is why I say I might be deceiving myself).  If you listen to what other people are saying some swear by NDT, others don't fare so well.  You could try appealing to your endo - you've tried his way can he try your way for a while??  Alternatively, though I am not saying you should do it, there are folks who choose to self medicate - one of whom, I am sure, would be able to tell you where to shop.

    I don't know if you can pick up any tips about it reading links like this one hypothyroidmom.com/which-is...

  • There's no reason why you shouldn't take T4 and T3 at the same time.

  • I don't think I said that there was.  I think what I said was that, taking both medications together, I struggle with the combination.  But, because I put weight on whilst taking T4, I wasn't certain how much of the struggle was in my mind.  Then again it could just be that the combined dose is too low - but I didn't say that bit.

  • You said "You'll get better results on an empty stomach and shouldn't take them together." 'You shouldn't take them together', sounds to me like... well, what it sounds like. lol I can't put any other interpretation on it.  

  • ahh, sorry, my misinterpretation, put it down to the brain fog and single track thinking.

    My endo said they were not to be taken together and I took him at his word - even if he did ruin the first progress I have made in 10 years.

  • Yes, well, I wouldn't trust anything an endo said!

    There are tablets which contain both T4 and T3, so there you would have no choice but to take them together.  

  • But aren't they all natural hormones?  I tend toward thinking that natural works better than synthetic in just about all realms of life.

    In his defence I'm not sure if his concern wasn't an increased risk of arrhythmia taking the combination together. (I have to defend him because, despite taking it away, he was also responsible for the improvement.)

  • You can get synthetic T4/T3 combos.

    'Natural' didn't work for me. NDT made all my symptoms 100x worse. And I put on a ton of weight. Lost it on T3 only. So, synthetic is best for me.

  • Wenwake,

    If you post thyroid results and ranges since you've been taking 25mcg T3 + 50mcg T4 members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.

    NDT isn't licensed for UK use and is rarely prescribed on the NHS.  Most members using NDT have private prescriptions or buy on the internet and self medicate.

  • I am due a blood test next week so will post results after - thankyou!

  • t3 is thyroid hormone and so does nothing to heal the root cause of hashimoto's disease..iot is not enough for me to feel well, that's for sure.  i am current trying to get rid of it through the functional medicine approach.

  • What is that approach - would love to hear more??

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