re: T3, Read this article AND READ THE REPLIES TO IT! what great ammo to add to our cases

You can also ask people questsions to their post with your direct email and be alerted

I have asked the person which country they are in that actually puts notes on AF ECG''s

re. checking T3 because it's a known cause. ( hubby has this, though not T3 checked...he will be soon!)


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Didn't I just post that link ?

Hi Marz

you may well have! I'd seen it before, it may well have been you who flagged it up to me!? but I'd never explored the 'replies' section!!

Not trying to steal your thunder! ( sorry if you annoyed) I tend to post stuff a fresh so as to reach as many as possible with good stuff to help us succeed in changing our treatment. I thought the replies section, let alone the great article warranted getting to the top of the pile of posts.

kind regards


The person you asked on that link, which country they were from, is probably from the USA. They refer to Medicare and Synthroid, both of which are associated with the USA. Ditto with temperatures in Fahrenheit.

It was your own post and thread above - to which I replied with the link to Dr Kendrick this morning. Surely you read your own replies ! No I am not annoyed - I just think it is polite to acknowledge information you have gained from others .... which appeared just minutes after I had replied to you - so it did seem too much of a coincidence.

Hi Marz

It was 'Shaws' Administrator who did a post some time ago where I originally saw the link to the article. I looked it up just out of interest. I'm very pleased though that you posted it as well, hopefully a few more people will read and share....even with their GP :-)

thanks again


...I have decided I must speak Chinese !


I'm sorry if I've been confusing!

"I looked it up out of interest "...meant..I knew I'd seen the article and its link somewhere before and couldn't remember which thread so I read back through posts and found it passed on by 'Shaws Administrator'

sorry if I was confusing.

I didn't mean I suddenly decided 'to look it up out of interest' and post it to 'take the credit' !!

As I said your post was great and thanks!

I do not do stuff to 'take credit' or seem 'clever' I'm just determined to share good, useful and empowering articles/ facts and good vibes to as many as possible so that as many as possible will act to get this nonsensical treatment 'protocol' changed.

I couldn't give a hoot about what people think of me. Never have and never will.

All I can say again is many thanks for posting the link, which initiated me reading those heart breaking and anger making replies ( for the first time) and feeling inclined to repost the link a fresh to share with as many people as possible.

But when I do it again I will be sure to mention where I got the 'ideai' or link from so as to upset people.

kind regards

Juliat x

Dr Kendrick and Dr Chris Steele (GMTV) both were at our very successful Thyroid Conference in Solihull in 2014 and all tickers had been SOLD OUT. Dr Midgeley was also in attendance (one of our Advisers) thank God for sensible/sympathetic medical professionalse:

Articles of importance need to be put up multiple times..who cares who puts it up? The important thing is that people be exposed to them, often.

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