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Ups and downs on Erfa Thyroid


It's a couple of years since I posted on here. I have Hashimotos and after struggling to tolerate and benefit from levothyroxine I was changed to Erfa Thyroid, 60,two years ago and was doing very well - bloods within range and minimal symptoms. HOwever in May this year I told the consultant that I was experiencing a return of hypo symptoms. A blood test showed TSH 5.13 (omitted info re FT4) , quite a significant change for me. He increased the Thyroid to 60/90 alternate days. Within weeks I was experiencing hyper symptoms - edgy, anxious, sleepless, always on the go. This has continued over the summer, I manage the symptoms using beta blockers (agreed by GP). I was due to be seen again in clinic in September but as I have had no appointment yet (as usual) I repeated blood tests via my GP in Sep - FT4 was 6.8, TSH down to 1.41. There was a note requesting a repeat test in 3 months. I have made an appointment for this, and one with my GP to discuss results. Hopefully things are now moving back to a 'normal' level for me, but I am confused by the remaining hyper symptoms. They haven't worsened and are controllable (in fact I am quite enjoying all this extra energy on one level!) but I simply don't u derstand what is going on. I am very lucky to have a great GP who works collaboratively with me but she acknowledges I am better informed than her on some aspects, which leaves us both adrift! Would be good to hear if this sounds familiar to anyone....thanks.

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Yes I am, she knows her limitations and is happy to go along with my theories, within reason, which makes me more confident in Managing my own health. The down side is that she is so supportive that it is incredibly hard to get an appointment with her! Both those links look interesting, will explore a couple of possibilities they have raised ...many thanks.

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