LOW TSH , low t4 ,low t3

Have had nearly 10 years of struggling with fatigue ,often bed ridden for weeks at a time !

Finally got a intergrated therapist to commence me on NDT ! I had 6 great months but as soon a testosterone implant hit the 6 month mark I hit a wall again! I was using testosterone cream after 6 month mark but didn't stop the "melt down"

My gynae says my testosterone levels are low too etc

Currently taking t3 as well but when I went thru my bloods my t4 was 7.3 nmol t3 was 2.4 nmol but my TSH was 0.02 so GP said to drop my medication !


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  • Oh, I think you need to change your doctor! You'll never get well with that one. Do you have ranges for those Frees? They look very low, but best to see the ranges.

    How's your cholesterol? You're not taking statins, are you?

  • My cholesterol is 7.4 which is high but I've always had high cholesterol even in my 20s

    I don't take statins as I'm taking soo many vitamin ,supplements and don't feel much better !

  • OK, your cholesterol will be high because you're FT3 is low. But, had you been taking statins, that might have accounted for your low testosterone.

    However, you really can't compare taking supplements with taking statins! Supplements usually do you good. Statins don't! What are you taking? Did you do any tests before starting supplements? They will only do you good if you need them.

  • What vitamins are you taking? Just asking in case they're not in balance.

  • Sorry for the delay but had a couple of bad days !

    Here's my vitamin regime !

    vitamin c, 1000mg b d3

    Thyroid support which has iodine and selenium !

    adrenal support/ rhodiola 500mg ,eleuthero 200mg

    zinc 50mg

    magnesium 500mg ,

    DIM dinndoylmethane, turmeric 1200mg ,

    fish oils , glucosamine,

    And iron !

    I've decided to wean myself off the t3 and go back to my the NDT and not allow the doctor to convince me to drop the dose based on my TSH levels !

    I'm new at this and my doctor said I need to reduce my dose due to low TSH but when I eventually got the results myself I realised the t4 was 7.3 nmol so I reduced the dose which was too low anyway so I crashed!

    I think I'm going to be much more careful in the future!

    Thank you for your support!

  • Im in the exact same situation. My free thyroid going very low but still My TSH also is low. Im not feeling good at all. Im think i will drop the TRT. I also got some concern about My ferrit storage.

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