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Hashimoto and coeliac

hi there - anyone else out there had the experience of having hashimotos for years then discovering they are coeliac? And if so did going strictly gluten-free have an impact on your need for thyroid medication? I've been on levothyroxine for decades (varying between 100-200mcg, it went up during pregnancy stayed up for a while after, now back to 100mcg). It's never been particularly troublesome and I have generally felt fine.

But I'm feeling definitely twitchy at the moment and am intrigued as to whether i might need to drop my levo dose further (got docs appt to do blood test in a couple of weeks). I've been strictly gluten free for 3 months, but pretty much gluten free for a year before that (I was diagnosed with coeliac 3 months ago but had suspicions for a good while before).

Anyone had similar? I had absolutely no idea until I had a look around here that gluten had any impact at all on thyroid disease. Is it generally acknowledged by GPs does anyone know?

thanks in advance


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Gluten will have affected your absorption of Levothyroxine. It is quite normal for coeliac patients adopting a gluten-free diet to eventually require a significant reduction in dose as their absorption improves when their gut heals.


thanks Clutter - well there's a benefit i didn't anticipate from the coeliac diagnosis :)


My personal experience is that GP's know nothing about gluten and antibodies, even endo's know nothing. I found out from this site once I had raised TPO's that it was important to stick to gluten free diet. By being Gfree I almost totally got rid of my TPO's and felt a lot better, much to amazement of the medics.



I have hashimotos and coeliac. Before I was diagnosed with coeliac my thyroid levels fluctuated and meds were changed at every endo appt. Once I was diagnosed and adopted a gf diet, my levels became stable, so much so that I was discharged from the endo clinic. Even during my pregnancy, everything was stable, and post natally. Furthermore, my ESR and crp levels are undetectable, meaning there's no inflammation present. I feel GF was the change for me.


I have been underactive for 15 yrs and had a surprise diagnosis of Coeliac 18 months ago. Going GF is really helping my thyroid - My vitamin and iron/ferritin levels are much improved and the levels are easier to maintain (you need good levels to support the healing of your gut and for thyroid to function well). My thyroid antibodies are starting to reduce and I think that is possibly due to the Gluten Free. I have been watching some videos of Functional Doctors in USA who advocate Gluten Free for anyone who has a bad thyroid which is never mentioned by British doctors. I wish they had told me that years ago as the Coeliac might have been avoided.

I too am on much lower thyroid meds now my gut is healthier

Good luck with the GF diet :)

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