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Did anyone hear the Jeremy Vine show just now? The wonderfully crap Dr Sarah Stupid (radio 2's resident dr) just announced what an easy disease an underactive thyroid is to treat. Yes, apparently you just pop a pill every day and have bloods once a year!!! Who'd have thought it!?

Until now I have enjoyed their health section everyday and even considered getting in touch to see if they would cover underactive thyroid. Now I know why they don't.

Sorry for my sarcasm it just really annoyed me.

Hope everyone has a good rest of their day. Happy Halloween / Samhain.


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  • Seriously - EASY?!?!? Wow that's dreadful. What planet is she living on??

  • She's obviously not on the Thyroid Gland Planet. It just goes to show the complete ignorance of most doctors when treating patients and if they don't have internet connection are mainly lost to illhealth.

  • Certainly. Without the internet there is no way I would have come this far. Particularly with the help of this group.


  • That's what I thought. Although it is the standard line!! Grr.


  • Same as it ever was. It takes just a minute to entrench a view in the medical profession but one hundred years to discount it, apparently. Forge on Chloe, we know otherwise.

    Jeremy Vine has form :

    You have given me my daily 'learn something new' today by mentioning Samhain; sláinte :)

  • I read the other post you mentioned. He is certainly obnoxious. I don't think I like him. But yes, we keep going and helping those we can.



  • The "ordering medication on the internet is dangerous" rubbish she regularly spouts used to trigger a rant of "but we wouldn't have to if you doctors treated us properly". I ignore her now.

  • These people, who know absolutely nothing about hypothyroidism - spout rubbish and show us (hypothyroiders) how inept the professionals can be with regard to the sorry state their patients are kept in due to statements like the doctor and Mr Vine make.

    As they say 'ignorance is bliss' but only for those that believe it is 'easy' to treat hypothyroidism. I could also read a book on fairytales and believe what was stated as being true. They do the same.

  • I'm going to turn the radio off now when she comes on. Now I know how ignorant she is every time I hear her voice it will annoy me!!:oD

    I personally know self medicating can be very beneficial. Shame they can't open thier minds a little.


  • I stopped listening to him about a year ago because he makes me so very cross nearly every day ............seems I missed being made extremely cross today !

  • You didn't miss much. You should feel pleased :)


  • She is of an age (and gender of course) where she might develop hypothyroidism herself. Wouldn't it be ironic if she did and found it isn't always easy to treat ..........

  • Yes..I wouldn't wish this on anyone but I feel sometimes this is the only way for the medical profession to start taking our health problems associated with the thyroid/no thyroid seriously. Numerous programs address Diabetes etc..nothing to highlight the complete lack of help for us. IF I did t buy my meds online goodness knows what mess I would be in now.

  • Yes you're right about not wishing it on anyone but it's so frustrating when doctors say things like this and don't take our problems seriously.

  • Sesbo I'm not as nice as you.There are some doctors I would inflict hypothyroidism on. In the case of some of the more obnoxious I would like them to have a full thyroidectomy - one with a surname beginning with W springs to mind.

  • Yes I found myself wishing that also. I do often when I encounter such ignorance that can have such a negative effect on health. If I had my way each doctor who has been shit would now have a hard to treat thyroid problem. Bad I know!!


  • You can see comments about this on BBC2's Facebook page - she was talking about Parkinson's Disease. Her comment about it "not being like a thyroid problem, where you just take a pill and have a blood test once a year" is soooo unhelpful. Will this give a public perception that we are just a load of hypochondriacs and moaning minnies? I can only hope none of my friends and family were listening! You only have to Google Dr Sarah J***is. Plenty of stuff about her links to, and payments from, big Pharms companies.

    I still think there is scope for the BBC to cover Thyroid problems - with a different Doc, obv! Or maybe Dr J would get ripped to pieces, live on air? Now that I WOULD like to tune in to!

  • Oh I didn't know you could comment on the programme. I might do that she. I encounter more of her crap.

    I have thought of getting in touch occasionally but there's no way they would get anyone on who would counter the amazing Dr Sarah Stupid. Hehe.


  • If someone's mind is absolutely fixated on the TSH and T4 alone. Doesn't know any disabling clinical symptoms - I would never consult them for anything else. Why? because their minds are closed and like most of the endocrinologists follow guidelines like sheep while we, the lambs, can now find our own way forward thanks to the internet and learning from sufferers' own personal experiences, particularly when they are able to get rid of symptoms and have a life again even if they have to get their own alternative thyroid hormones or even an optimum dose of levothyroxine which works for them.

  • Yes I definitely value other people who have the illness and have struggled to reclaim thier wellness over any doctor who has been to med school and who has never experienced the things we go through. Experience over education this time round for sure. It may not be the case with other illnesses but it certainly is for this one.

  • Well said!

    I consider myself really, really lucky to have found this site!!!!

    I got told my TSH level a month ago, googled what it meant and ended up here :-)) Practically the only information I received from my GP was the level before I started googling.

    I value what people here have to say much more than a GP who knows little bits about a lot of things.

    I've always worked in professional environments and I'm not intimidated by academic success or a person's status so thankfully I don't have that mentality that "Doctor knows best". As is often demonstrated on here - patient knows best!!

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