Help with my bloating!

I recently went to my Dr for some advice as I am experiencing serious bloating. By the end of each day I actually look pregnant! My stomach is that hard and ballooned it's really starting to worry me. My Dr took some blood tests and I expected my results so say I had some allergic reaction to a food type. However, apparently I have an underactive thyroid! I'm now on medication, and have been for the last two weeks but my symptoms haven't changed. Is my bloating connected to my underactive thyroid? I seriously don't know what do to but it's really starting to get me down. Help!!!!

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Seems like you need to see a gastrologist. I have the exact same problem, had a Colonoscopy and diagnosed with Diverticulitis. Do you get constipated at all?

Have you been tested for Cealiac disease?

Personally I would ask to be checked for celiac. It may be negative but gluten intolerances and thyroid problems can sometimes go hand in hand. Not in all cases just some.

You could try just cutting it out for a week or two and see if you notice any difference.

Low thyroid hormones slows everything down in the body - low metabolism. That includes digestion of foods. You will also be LOW in Iron - Folate - Ferritin - B12 - VitD so have them tested and you will need to see the results with ranges - ask for a copy.

It is very early days with your treatment and it may take some time for things to improve. Cutting out gluten could help you. Did you obtain a copy of your thyroid test results ? - it is a good habit to get into - so you can post them here for advice - and more importantly you can monitor your own progress

Are you able to sit back on your heels on the floor - you could always do it on the bed if it hurts ! There is an energy line in the body that stimulates digestion in this position. ( Learnt in India with an Ayurvedic Doc :-) ) Also lying on your tummy on the floor and deep breathe - the resistance created by the hard floor stimulates the intestines :-)

Hope you soon feel better....

I had exactly the same thing, started a gluten free diet and it immediately improved.

Just wondering have you had your gallbladder remove? I have the same issue and get HUGE by the end of the day, I have sphincter of oddi disorder, taken over 18 months to get diagnosed.

hi denvajade.havent heard of sphincter of oddi disorder.what is it exactly?had my gallbladder removed last august and stomach increasing ever since and chronic persistent pelvic pain-no one will give em a reason for

Hi again look it up on the internet but basically the ducts from the liver back up with bile and your body has not got the necessary enzymes and bile to digest food, especially meat and fats, I looked 9 momths preg with twins but after doing a cleanse, with garlic and parsley and a probiotic then a fat free meat free and low fruit diet I am certainly on the mend. I have been pretty strict. wishing you well

ok will do

I had the same bloating every day until I stopped eating gluten and it's never happened again. It's easy to do, just don't eat any from today and see if things improve. Hope that's helpful.

I have this it is terrible look and feel pregnant. After I eat bread and pasta full of wind etc. I have been tested for Coeliac and everything normal. I think I will have to try it as I hear so many on here with the same problem. Hard to give up bread, but I guess I must try.

I got no help from the GP with this, he just told me to eat bran!!! I decided to see a nutritionist as the GP's suggestion just made things worse. The nutritionist said "just do one thing for me - give up wheat." I started to avoid it with immediate effect and the very next day I did not bloat up. I stayed off all gluten products for 6 months then decided to give it a try and guess what - bloated up again. I have tested negative for coeliac too but the NHS only tests for one protein and there are a hundred so no wonder they come back negative. I know that I react to wheat and now certain preservatives and so I avoid them. Give it a try avoiding all wheat products to start with and see if it makes a difference. Good luck.

Wow I guess it just means giving up on everything, ie pasta, cereals etc. Leaves fruit and vegetables and lean meats

You can have GF versions of all the things that have wheat in so you don't have to go without at all.

I found it quite hard to start with but more emotionally about what I couldn't have,until I decided to change my attitude towards being gluten free and see it as a new challenge and embrace it. I'm so glad I did and have never looked back. Good luck.

I have seen gluten free bread around (example Aldi's), but quite expensive. Is rice ok? Will try and cut down on pasta etc.

Yes, rice is ok. Cut out the wheat pasta and buy the GF pasta. It's really fine. Go for it and see if you feel any benefit or lose the bloating. Literally mine went the next day i,e I didn't get bloated up like it normally did when I stopped eating gluten products. I cut them all out immediately and felt immediate benefit. Hope you do too.

Ok Alit thanks for that, where can I buy the gf pasta? In any supermarket?

Hi there. Yes if you have a look in the Free from sections in Sains, tesco etc you'll find plenty there. Genius bread is best.

Pasta, spaghetti all good too. I've recently discovered the M&S gluten free cakes amazing and they don't even taste GF which other products do. All sausages from Marks are gf. Or Black farmers and black farmers DaightEr are gf too. There is nothing that we go without.

I made a lasagne with garlic bread for guests the other day and they wolfed it down and had no idea it was gf. B

Instead of normal flour use Doves Farm gf flours in the gf sections in supermarkets instead.

Thanks for that I will check it out.

Aldi and brand tesco both do there own brand

Try liquorice tea. Buy liquorice sticks from a health food shop. Cut them into one inch pieces, and infuse 2 or 3 or them in boiling water for at least 5 minutes.

Well i have just had a vega test,showing gluten intolerance so could be ur problem. It also showed up yeast,moulds. Apparently this can affect the endocrine system. I am low thyroid and adeenals,high cortisol. Am waiting on synacthen test. I not on anything and havent been well for 17 yrs and nothing been done for me despite going back and forward to the doctor. Extreme sleep problems. Exhaustion. Lacking in various vitamins.take them but body not absorbing them. Loads of food to stay off so now have to change my diet. Doesnt leave me much tho to eat. If in Edinburgh i could let u have her contact. Worth looking at

I had this problem for months until a few weeks ago. I was so concerned and in such pain that I more or less stopped eating as I felt so ill every time I ate anything. I had been put on iron to supplement the thyroid medication, and stopped that and changed to a much gentler one (Spatone) and was better in a few days.

My next step would have been going gluten free, but I do try to monitor and reduce the amount of gluten I take in as well.

You could also try high quality probiotics.

What dose of levo are you on? It is probably too low to make much difference and you will need bloods done on 5 or 6 weeks again and have a raise in meds.

I was the same as you Dougie82.

I used to have horrendous bloating My tummy was visibly swollen and so very hard and my clothes would not fit. Sometimes it was so bad it was painful to walk as I felt I could not stand upright. It was one of the reasons my doctor tested my thyroid.

For years I was told I had IBS or a food intolerance but whatever I cut out it made no difference.

Hang on in there . . . I think it took a couple of months to go completely, but I never have any bloating now whatsoever. And I still eat gluten and feel very well.


I have this if I eat anything that has dairy. It is a horrible sensation. Probiotics can help but try and keep away from any dairy products for a while.

I get bloated if I eat anything dairy. Refrain from eating dairy for a while and see if that helps.

Before you try doing all sorts of different things it needs to be investigated. Lots of things cause bloating, some simple, some serious and your GP must send you for checks to find out which one it is. It cannot be just left. If your GP has not referred you, go back and ask him to do so.

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