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Overactive now underactive

I was diagnosed March with overactive thyroid I’ve been on carbimazole 40mg a day since, now they decide to do a blood test as I am feeling so washed out, now on underactive and on thyroxine and carbimazole together, has this happened to anyone else ? And how long can it take to get these levels right ? I have to have more bloods done on Tuesday ready for my endrocrine appointment in July.

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When you see the endo, insist that you want your Grave's antibodies tested - TRAB or TSI. You need to know exactly what is wrong with you to make sure you're on the right treatment. Because the sad fact is, doctors often do not know, and just to conclusions, giving the wrong medication.

Do you have copies of your previous labs? The one's before you were put on carbi and before you were put on thyroxine? If not, go and ask for print-outs. If you live in the UK, it is your legal right to have copies, and they will help you understand what is going on. We can explain them to you, if you post them here with the ranges. :)

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Yes I will thankyou, I’ve got my original ones from March when diagnosed but having more bloods on Tuesday so will get them as well, as soon as there all done I’ll post on here, they left me 4 months on carb 40mg with no blood tests until I went back last week feeling poorly, now the doctor has done blood test and next week hospital blood tests for everything, I’m so mad they left me this long now I’m underactive and at the moment on 100 Mg of Levo and 40mg carb x

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More importantly, you should never have been put on carb without the correct testing.

If it's just the carb that has made you hypo, then that's ok. The levels will go back to what they were before when you stop the carb. It doesn't do any permanent damage to the thyroid. But, you should have been tested every four weeks, not just left on it. Your doctor has been negligent, and you do have grounds for complaint. What's more, I cannot understand why he has left you on the same dose of carb and added the levo. It would have been more intelligent to just reduce the carb and see what happened. Block and replace is a valid treatment but there's no indication that that is the right treatment in your case. I would have serious words with your GP, if I were you. Might even write a letter of complaint. But, let's see what the blood tests say, first. :)

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Yes i was thinking of a complaint it’s ridiculous, I’ll wait for my blood results them post them on here, thankyou x

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You're welcome. :)

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What antibodies were tested and what was the result

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