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Calcium deposits under skin?

Hi I've recently been getting more and more calcium deposits (hard lumps) under my skin mainly on my back next shoulders and scalp since being diagnosed at the beginning of the year. Are they linked to hypothyroidism or another autoimmune disease? I'm under rheumatology and having more tests done but wondered if anyone else suffers also thanks

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Never heard of this but you maybe need to try adding vit k2 to your diet. Good quality k2 can be expensive but adding edam or brie cheese is good source. The problem may be that ur calcium isnt being deposited where it should be this is due to an imbalance of vit d, magnesium, calcium and k2. I use dlux vit d spray, ancient minerals magnesium oil, and organic nanno mk7 k2. Best to get your vit d and calcium blood levels checked. If blood too high in calcium you need more magnesium and k2. Hope this helps x


Thanks it does however I am supplementing but not adding K2 so might be worth getting some. Just my new pill box is already overflowing 🙈 with medication & suplements

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The cheese may be your best then. If you are using a lot of suppliments be careful of calcium/magnesium balance. You should be using twice the magnesium to calcium ratio and be careful not too much vit d. Both these problems will deposit too much calcium in your blood and cause heart inflammation as well as osteoporosis because without k2 it goes to the wrong place.


Calcium can deposit in the wrong place if out of balance with magnesium. Most people get enough calcium and not enough magnesium.


This one includes both vitamin D and K2:


I'm using a multi vitamin spray and magnesium oil but think K2 might be worth getting thanks


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