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Tickling under skin!!!

I'm on 75 mg Levi for 3 years nearly. Doing average.. But I'm getting this weird feeling under my skin under my arm , near my armpit , it's like a ant is moving about. Always in the same place. But I m getting night time numbness in my hands also. Same side as tickle. Or if I hold my phone / iPad or small items of shopping i my hand goes

Numb and tingles. This has been getting worse lately but the tickle is a new addition. Any ideas?? ( thanks to Redapple for helping me on this site!!)

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I have also been getting the ant type tickling just lately and have been getting it in my face,

along with a numb feeling. I wake up with tingling and numbness in my hands and again like you if I am gripping something I get it. I think it is associated with been hypo or Vit B12 deficiency. (My B12 was 377 range 180 - 1100 and have been informed on this site it should be over 500 for the thyroxine to work properly. I now supplement with a B12 sublingual spray. I am taking 100mcg daily and feel O.Kish but would like to feel better

Kind regards browny

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About B12 , after my TT op in June I'm am still extremely ill, I have Graves Disease and severe TED, my antibodies are raging. My Dr checked my B12 after my insistence, and he's says my levels are fine,,, 375 in range of up to 900+!!!!! He will only give me levothyroxin and refuses with give me T3, and will not read any info I have printed out for him, which included an MPs letter advising Drs must start going by symptoms as well as blood tests, he only tested my TSH and T4, he's an arrogant xxxxxx


I'm solving this problem, had a sleepless night, once again, I have decided to move to Darlington tob be near to my son and his lovely fiancé and her family, where I will be much happier...


Sorry mean't I am taking 100mcg Levo daily not B12 I take 2400iu B12 spray daily but I know some people take more



I had that when I had a trapped sciatica nerve. The ant crawling was on my legs though. I do however have 'nervous tics' in my arms..damn things!!


Hi everyone i also have that ant feeling on my face but if but i've put it down to being stressed through losing my job. i was diagnoised 6months ago and im on 25mcg levo even though my results came back boarder line but my lovely doctor said i would feel better on this low dose which i dont feel any better so im just waiting for my reveiw to see whats going on. I just like to say i hope all of us get back to normal what ever that is


Hi mummyG, I don't know about the armpit tickle, but the numb and tingling hands, and going numb when holding the phone etc. could be B12 deficiency. It was my main neuropathic symptom of deficiency, and was always worse at night, and on waking in the morning completely numb. Holding the phone, the numbness and tingling was quite concentrated in my index and middle fingers, or the whole hand. I also found my hands were quite weak, and I found it hard to do things like pick up the kettle with one hand, and I used to drop things all the time. Worse on my right hand, but the left was also affected. Please ask your doctor to check your B12 and folate levels, and also iron/ferritin and vit D if you haven't already had them done.



Thanks for that. It's exactly the same things. I am sure I've had B12 done a couple of years Ago It's always "ok" or " normal' but it's def getting worse. So. I will go do them again. Cheers


Just be wary of them saying you're normal - get a print out of all your results with lab ranges, and post them for advice. In fact, you should ask for a copy of your test results from a couple of years ago, as it was probably low then as well...


And in case you didn't know, if you hit the yellow "reply to this" button under someones response they will get an email (hopefully!) saying you've replied :-)


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