Red dry flaky skin under nose and spots all the way to the chin, had anyone else had that?

Also, and i am convinced that they are related, i have a thick white tongue with spots at the back of it and a couple on the side.

Initially i thought that both were the result of RAI so i was patient and eventually the redness disappeared. I followed a candida diet for the tongue which i still do and take lots of supplements. The redness came back a month ago, i used an anti-fungal cream and antibiotics (GP thought it is thrush although the swap came back normal), and eventually it went away only to come back again, this time with more flakes and spots under the nose and all the way to the chin.

Any suggestions or similar experiences?

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  • Your tongue does sound like thrush. Spots on your face - has anyone mentioned Rosacea? Perhaps if you take a picture to post, others might be able to help. Clemmie

  • Nobody mention Rosacea as my redness is very small but maybe I should check it, thanks.

  • I have Rosacea which started with just three or four spots under the outside corner of my eye. Now when I get it, there is just a couple of spots which I put antibiotic cream on and they disappear quite quickly. I do have some slight pitting on my nose but nothing too bad. Have you had flushing/redness on your face? Clemmie

  • Thanks Barrister was your Rosacea diagnosed by a GP? The redness is under the nose and chin. Have taken a pic but not sure how to upload it here which is saving you from a bad close up! If yours was also dry and flakey then I need to check this asap. Thanks

  • Definitely mention Rosacea to your GP. Yes mine was diagnosed by GP. Clemmie

  • Could it be the dry heat from gas central heating causing your dry flaky skin ?

    Taking vitamin A (Palmitate) has helped clear up my dry flaky skin in the winter now and has helped my skin clear of spots and blemishes, even helped with wrinkles :)

    Not saying vitamin A will help you Mii101, but an idea only :)

    Sadly I still have my coated tongue, never found out what is causing it, :( wondering if it down to loving my dairy foods too much :)

  • Thanks Coastwalker, vitamin A is one of the few supplements I am not taking, I could do with some nice winter skin (I already eat leafy greens and a lot of squash). Tongue and dryness are both very annoying also because they come and go and I cannot tell why. My experience with hypothyroidism so far (also before the TT) is that when a physical sign manifests itself, there is usually a good reason which it is why I am determined to find out what it is, also in combination with my persistent personality :)

  • Avoid Jersey milk if you have it, a culprit for deep spots that take ages to heal. Spots on the chin can be a sign of liver exhaustion so maybe a cleansing diet for a while could help. My daughter suffered from excema and acne on face, torso and tops of arms when she was vegetarian, since going vegan she has had clear skin so dairy has a lot to answer for. Hope you get relief, Rozex cream sorted my rosacea out, applied twice daily, and now only get small patches which this cream sees off quickly. Good luck.

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