With healing the adrenals, has anyone had setbacks along the way, and do they pass quite quickly?

I found out my adrenals weren't functioning too well after Christmas, and have been supplementing to improve them, which overall has gone very well and I had felt increasingly miles better of the last 3 months.

I went on holiday for a week to France, which was great, but for some reason had trouble sleeping the whole time I was there. This was one of my main adrenal symptoms, coupled with irritability, flat mood, and a bit of anxiety (just a feeling, not about anything in particular). I wasn't sure if this was just a holiday thing, as I've never slept that well away from home, but having got back to the general days to day stress of work etc, its continued for a day or two since getting home.

Is at it disappointing having felt good for 3 months, with no sleep problems, and I wondered if these setbacks are common and pass quickly, or am I back to square one (surely not?).

Any experiences, especially ones that might cheer me up, would be much appreciated!

L x

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  • Well it sounds like you're doing better than me!!

    Can I ask what supplements you've been taking to help your adrenals?


  • I've been taking higher nature 'balance for nerves' which is basically b vitamins, twice daily and vit c and also a liquorice and ginseng tincture thing. They were given to me by the doctor I'm seeing. Seem to have been quite helpful up until recently.

  • Wow you must have had a mild case of adrenal fatigue then. I've been 7 months on glandulars and not that much better really ....

  • I don't think I had a mild case, they thought I had addisons initially. But by the time it was all diagnosed I had made lots of changes to my life and was probably already over the worst. I think it's just different for everyone, sorry you haven't had more success.

  • Hello Lolalois, I'm in a similar position, been taking natural supplemets for adrenals and thyroid since Christmas (NT and NAX) and my improvement has been gradual, but during March I felt like me, I felt human, I started living a more normal life and felt really well. During the last week I have dipped again and am feeling tired and not so well. I put this down to two things 1) I have over-done things because I have been feeling well. I need to rest and not schedule so much stuff in, take it a little easier

    2) I am learning to manage stress and my emotions, but don't always get it right. I can get ill from negative emotions, particularly self pity, resentment, anger. Got to contol these and manage stress at work. I am trying to speak up for my self and be honest and not be my "people pleaser" self. It's hard, but I know Ive got to do it for my health.

    Don't give up hope Lola, try giving yourself some extra rest and keep positive. I know it took many years for me to get ill. It's going to take a while to get better (much as I would like a magic pill :) Have a good day, Caroline x

  • Hi there, you do sounds very similar to me indeed. It's lovely when you have a period of feeling well, especially the not having to think about how you feel all the time, if that makes sense. I'm very similar to you in that I have to make a real effort to manage stress at work, and at home too to some extent as I've got teenage boys! But it can be difficult because you can't avoid stress or tricky situations completely. I'm very much hoping that this is a blip, similar to what you describe, and that I'll be back to feeling better quite soon. In fact I do feel better today than yesterday. Funnily enough this all came up for me when I went on holiday for a week. Should be, and was relaxing but for some reason my body didn't seem to agree.

    Anyway thanks for your response, it's really encouraging to know that this kind of thing happens and I'm not the only one. Good luck with feeling better, hope you have a nice restful weekend.

    L x

  • Just say that,as greygoose has said in past post,liquorice is a stimulant and may actually make adrenals worse?i had been taking it for a longish while prior to that;not sure if take again or not.

  • Thanks, that's very interesting, as I had been feeling increasingly well over the last 3 months, and this recent problem started on holiday, when I should be feeling relaxed, so I wonder if my adrenals were pretty much better, and maybe the liquorice is causing more harm than good?

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