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Please help candida overgrowth


What do I do obviously I have a lot of candida my doc put me on nystatin 3x a day for 6 weeks started Monday everything was fine Tuesday started Itching way worse yesterday itching intensified followed by a sunburn type thing on my skin almost everywhere so I first thought die off but when the sunburn came I called my doc they didn't call me back so called the pharmacy and they said it sounded like an allergic reaction to the med and to stop it at once so I took two activated charcoal yesterday evening and 2 before bed and an allergy pill woke up im still quite itchy and even raw in spots this is torture. I need to get rid of the candida but I can't deal with these rough die off symptoms and I'm going to get a foot detox today

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Hi lindsey, I read that eliminating certain things from your diet is helpful. I certainly benefited several years ago but over the past five years have slipped into bad habits. There are plenty of books around about this, I found one by erica white extremely helpful. It's called beat candida cookbook. It explains what is going on with the body in this situation. I lost nearly four stone and felt great. Very fit and energetic. I should do it again! Good luck :)

I will message you some other links later on today or tomorrow morning but for the time being check this video out

DellFinium in reply to kalel

I'm not a Candida expert, but in my prolonged experience, Candida die-off symptoms are the flu-like Herxheimer reaction.

Do you know what other ingredients are in your Nystatin pills? You may be reacting to fillers, worth looking into.

Did the doctor not give you Fluconazole (anti fungal) as well? Usually that's the first prescription they reach for, and smarter doctors prescribe it alongside the antibiotics that cause flare-ups. It comes in capsule form in a couple of strengths. I've twice been prescribed Nystatin following the course of Fluconazole.

There's a supplement available called Candida Support that's effective for intestinal Candida (caprylic acid, Pau d'arco, Black walnut, Oregano oil powder) - but zero the sugars and lower the carbs on which the fungus feeds anyway, and for quite a long time.

Oil of oregano alone is an excellent anti-fungal Candida killer, and A.D.P. by Biotics Research is an even stronger supplement.

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OMG, so fascinating. I eat a lot of fat because I have candida and try to avoid sugar. That's it, I'm giving up the fat too. It sounded like nonsense that the fat "coats" the cells and doesn't allow sugar in but I did some quick research and it was confirmed via other sources. Can't hurt.

Lindsey I have every single symptom you have. My heartburn is caused by a hiatal hernia and as I am losing weight my stomach is dropping (so I think) and thus less acid washing up into esophagus. When it does I take zinc carnosine and or papaya enzymes to cool the burn and heal the lining.

I think you have to be pre-disposed to candida and then there has to be an environmental trigger. Obviously not everyone, not even diabetics, will go on to develop candida. The nystatin works well for me but the candida inevitably returns and I've been taking biofilm busters because it's hard for the nystatin to get to the overgrown candida when it's hiding under a filmy coating. Even though my tongue is clear and my IBS is back to baseline the debilitating fatigue continues and RLS too rears its ugly head. I don't know if candida is the root cause of all evil in my body. Even as a child I was always a napper. It could be a bad or rowdy gut microbiome. I know I have slow motility (gas just refuses to move along) and that may contribute to problems as well.

My thyroid is ok and I joined this group because there were several good posts on RLS.

Anyways, I love raw food, including sushi, which may put me over the fat limit, but I'm trying what's recommended in the video.

Are you going to try the diet? Shall we keep each other posted on our progress. Also to speed things along all of the below recommended anti-fungals are good. I've also used berberine and serrapeptase as bio-film busters.

Please keep in touch.

machineman in reply to Hidden

The body sometimes uses candida to detox mercury and other heavy metals it can also be caused by antibiotic use.

sushi will be very high in mercury. have you got any silver fillings if so one filling emits 430mcg a day of mercury which affects your nervous system.

How did the serrapeptase use go as I thought you had to use this for quite a long time due to the stomach acids interfering with it for it to be effective unless you take it as a suppository.

have you tried slippery elm bark to calm the lining of your stomach down and let it heal also cayenne herb is great for healing stomach inflammation.

organic sulphur removes mercury as well as coating your stomach lining

and potassium iodide would be effective against the candida

as would boric acid or boron which is prescribed as a douche for vaginal candidiasis

hydrogen peroxide 5 drops in 8 ounces of pure water would also be effective

and try and get some sunflower or egg lecithin (not soy) this will help your nervous system and could help your RLS

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I have stopped and started a lot of those substances Machineman so very interesting that you mention that. Boron very lower back pain. In Israel their water is extremely high in Boron and anecdotely they have a very low incidence of arthritis. I should really give the slippery elm a try. I am using zinc carnosine for heartburn and to heal. I have a hiatal hernia so naturally when my stomach is bulging in my esophagus the acid is going to splash up. I have lost weight and I feel like my stomach has assumed a somewhat more natural position. My silver fillings have gone bye bye through conversion to porcelain crowns. Never had a lot. I agree about the mercury. Amazing that candida loves it. And I have a love/hate relationship with it. I want it to behave and stay in it's single cell form. Oh man, before my allergist diagnosed it I felt like I was being poisoned. I shouldn't complain, compared to back then I feel like a million bucks. I believe that at the root of my problem(s) is slow motility possibly caused by the make-up of my gut microbiome. Or my slow motility is a negative driving force to the make-up thereof. I read that methogens in your large intestine (I don't have sibo) will slow down motility or rather the methane they give off. I wonder what affect sulfur has on gut bacteria? Enough about me, how are you feeling?

machineman in reply to Hidden

yeah the Israelis add boron into the water, rex newnhams research on it is very in depth and has proven that arthritis is caused by a lack of boron,

the british pharmacopeia banned boron derivatives saying it caused fertility problems even though it is in all plant life, The corruption in the medical and political world is breathtaking.

the chemical fertiliser they use to grow all the food restricts the uptake of boron and sulphur by 95% when the scum who run our planet forced all the governments in the world in 1954 to use the uranium based chemical fertiliser disease in humans went up by 4000% over the next 5 years,

a by product of the fertiliser industry is also where they get fluoride from which is the main cause of hypothyroidism and many of the auto immune diseases as well as osteoporosis.

with the right diet you can reverse the hernia when I come across it I will mail it to you it takes between 6-12 months.

a main issue is the connective tissue which vitamin C and MSM sort out yet you really do need to source most of the minerals and nutrients from food, long term use of synthetic products will kill you.

the problem with a lot of the nutrients is that they need other nutrients to uptake them so tyrosine is essential for boron uptake and quercetin and resveratrol are needed for sulphur uptake as well as molybdenum to neutralise sulphurs PST enzyme afterwards. but if you have stomach problems then the absorption won't work so you need B2 B6 B9 and magnesium to regenerate your villi,

silymarin is another wonder product which cleans the liver out and when taken with slippery elm bark in an infusion works really well 3-5 times a day if you have stomach issues you will need to fix your liver only get the tincture,

hydrogen peroxide is another essential product that is a key part of all enzymes creating prostaglandins, bacteria and enzymes are everything in healing the body.

seaweed is one of the wonder foods for the intestines but it can take between 1-4 months to get the right enzymes for the seaweed to work only take 1 gram a day.

I'm good thank you.

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I once again have to say that this fat thing is astounding. I've read so much about candida but never that. It's so worth a try.

kalel in reply to Hidden

Hey Sherry I will find some other links about Candida diets and send them to you in a bit when I find them but I would def recommend trying to cut out all fats from your diet and really monitoring what you eat.

I don't know if you eat meat but if you do then you may want to go on an app like this

my under standing is that your fat intake should be less than ten percent and with in about two weeks to a month then your candida should improve.

I will send you some more links later. :)

I agree with what Agastache said please make sure that your thyroid levels are correct.

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XOX. Will read everything that you send me. Thyroid levels are checked every year...always normal. My body temperature is always on low side. They say that 98.6 is the starting point at which candida in it's fungal form is forced back to it's single cell form. I know candida wants to live every bit as much as we do. That it will get used to whatever food we eat, but sugar will always be a favorite.

kalel in reply to Hidden

well everyone has some Candida in our body.. we need it but the problems occur when the Candida starts to grow and if you are eating a high fat diet and then sugar my understanding is that this is when Candida starts to grow. I don't know why your body temp is on the low side maybe it is a thyroid thing my body tem is always on the high side but it has been like this since I started having hormone issues a long time ago.

When I get home tonight I will send you some links but there are loads of you tube vids about Candida so you may want to check out what drs etc have to say about it.

I had more or less same problems as yourself. My gp examined me and gave me CLOBETASOL 0.05% ointment.

Now I call it my 'miracle' cream. Within 2hours I wasn't itching or red raw.

I was told could be side affect of taking T4 tabs.

Hope it works for you

Candida overgrowth is actually a hypoT symptom.

I read about a doctor in USA who said that antifungal drugs are very hard on our liver to process and it does not help much with candida because candida is stubborn and it returns after sometime.This doctor was treating the root cause of diseases and he also said that an under active thyroid causes yeast over growth.So according to him,once you fix your thyroid,candida is gone.

So it is important that you get all your thyroid hormones checked.Because hypothyroidism causes low stomach acid and malabsoption which causes sooooo many health issues.Naturopathic doctors use the term Leaky Gut which si caused due to low stomach acid.

Some people take garlic for candida issues.and some grapefruit seed extract or olive leaf extract and according to them it works better than drugs.

You can research on what causes candida overgrowth and it's natural treatment and you will find a lot of info.about it.

I took nystatin couple of years ago.It did help with the infection but then after couple of months,I got another fungal infection.I was not diagnosed with hypothyroidsm at that time.After starting thyroid meds.I am much better least got no infection in last 4 months.

It is also important that you should be on an optimal dose of your thyroid meds.

Hope I was helpful xx

Hi there some really good things are. 1. Buy some tee tree oil and put 2 -3 drops in a cuoup,e of tbsp of water and gargle this, do this after cleaning you teeth at night , do it again after meals, 2. No sugar, no fruit and no alcohol. You need to do this for at least a month. Wishing you well.

kalel in reply to denvajade

Denvajade you could cut out fruit from your diet to get rid of Candida but my understanding is that the sugar/fruit and eating to much fat in your diet is what causes the Candida over growth. :)

Hi Kalel I have never heard about the fat, but you maybe right, I just know the fruit juice, fruit cakes biscuits etc help it grow. Anything is worth ago so cut out the fat too. X


I have had terrible problems with Candida but have never taken any meds got it.

This can be eliminated with diet. It takes time, perseverance and discipline. My answer was to juice! GREEN GREEN GREEN. Truly.

I cut out everything and just juiced. I Left out all high sugar veg like Carrots and made sure that I added half a lemon to every green juice.

It's boring but works.


The Erica White Beat Candida book is very good with loads of advice and receipes to help combat the disease.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

TT x

The Harcomb Diet also kills candida. My mum and I both used it. Really need to get back on it.

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