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Has anyone else had a pain in the knee and then spreads to the ankle?


Since being diagnosed Hypo, of only two weeks, iv had mild aches and the usual tiredness and weak muscles, foggy head, double vision... etc..I do regular yoga, but yesterday evening while watching tv, i developed a pain in my knee, that was really painful, it then moved down to my ankle, I could not put no weight on it because it was so painful and found it difficult to get up the stairs.

This morning its much better and I can walk quite normal, but feel like the problem may be lurking.

Does anyone think this may be related to an underactive thyroid???

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I only got pains/aches after I began levo. Maybe you aren't on the right dose yet.

Miffi in reply to shaws

Thanks Shaws, i think your right, i have a GP follow up appointment Tuesday.

i get that from the hips to knee then feet, painful after sitting to then walk, im on levo with normal tsh of 1.1 waiting to see endo specialist as blood test shows elevated serum creatine kinase of 764 range is upto 120, this regulates metabolism and energy in the skelatal muscles

Miffi in reply to cheryl3245

Thanks Cheryl, that's just how mine was last night, I couldn't stand up, miles better today, dread sitting for to long now looool, what dose of levo are you on?

cheryl3245 in reply to Miffi

Hi I'm on 75 a day

Could it be your back.....I had a herniated disc with no back pain but siatica down my thigh jumping to my foot...just a thought:-)!

I have pain in my right shoulder, top of the arm and shoulder blade (for 3 years), groin/hips (1.5 years), knees and calves (6 months) and sometimes feet and neck and fairly weak hands. In fact if I've been sweeping the floor the palm of my hands can hurt as if I had a bruise but there's no sign of a bruise. Luckily it's not severe pain. Most of them are improving :) Maybe because I've been taking levothyroxine for 9.5 months now.

That's were I ache I would ask for a serum creatine kinase blood test

Miffi in reply to cheryl3245

Thank you everyone that answered my questions, how wonderful to have a site like this for support :)

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