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T3 supplement for hypothyroidism (on Thyroxine)

I've been on Levothyroxine since diagnosis in 1993, and about a year or so after birth of my second child in 1985 I started to gain a lot of weight, was always tired (not anaemic) my hair started to thin badly but initial investigations did not show anything apparently.

I moved house and had to change to a different GP and for several years the problems continued but I kept being told I just had to eat less and exercise more, then and after reading an article on thyroid problems I went to my GP to discuss investigations and I had to fight her to have the relevant tests, after 2 weeks I returned for results and she grudgingly admitted it was underactive and prescribed medication.

I've never quite sure if I was on right dose as hair continued to thin and my weight kept creeping up and I remember during my nurse training one of my lecturers mentioning that with some people they need T3 (Liothyronine) supplement as well as T4 (Levothyroxine) but that while T4 was prescribed on NHS the T3 wasn’t nor was it available to buy in the UK so that after years struggling to get it down and keep it down I opted for bariatric surgery (sleeve gastrectomy).

After my surgery my weight dropped 7 stone over 10mths and I had loads of energy, my dose of Levothyroxine stayed same (125mcg) for a quite a while until one annual TFT blood test showed it was borderline over active so it was decreased around late 2013 and that's from mid 2014 when current problems started aches pains tiredness brain fog which my present GP felt might be fibromyalgia as my TSH function was normal.

I have also been treated for long term depression and anxiety and work in a very stressful busy environment as assessment nurse in an outpatient setting.

I struggled on until last November when everything just came to a head and I ended up off work for 7mths with widespread chronic pain and tingling in fingers my GP prescribed pregabalin and arranged for an MRI neck which showed multilevel spondylosis/osteophytes and mod-severe nerve impingement I was referred to orthopaedic consultant and after a discussion I had 2 nerve blocks and was told if that didn't work I would eventually need a decompression/spinal fusion. Difficultly walking and pain in right thigh led to a pelvic xray which confirmed moderate rt/lft hip arthritis and low spine arthritis and I am a/w a scan of both hands to exclude rheumatoid arthritis as I have painful trigger finger affecting both ring fingers (had steroid injection twice to right finger with little effect) and this is causing cramps and crippling hand pains affecting everyday life.

The whole situation has worsened the depression and anxiety as although I went back to work 4mths ago initially on phased return once my workload was increased to normal level I have been unable to function properly and safely at work making stupid (though not dangerous) mistakes due to cognitive side effects of the pain medications and 2 weeks ago I broke down crying and so I'm off work again now facing the loss of my job/career. I feel if I could get my pain under control and my hands sorted I would be able to return to work albeit in a less stressful environment

I have read with interest how some people are taking T3 supplement and it seems to be helping a lot of people so thought I might give it a go and wondered where I could purchase the supplement from a reliable and trusted source at a reasonable price?

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Sorry to hear you've been so unwell. The best way to start is to post your test results (everything you have w reference ranges) and it should be clear if you're in need of t3 or not (sometimes even if results show good t3 levels you may still benefit from taking some). A lot of people find it very helpful but if you're undermedicated on levo it may be worth taking enough levo to see if that will help before you go down the route of adding other meds.


You are in the right place. I hope someone here help with a source of T3 soon. Pharmacies in greece/turkey/mexico are mentioned here, but specific information needs to come via a private message.


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