Drug Addict's Eyes - advice?

I have always - even when a child I believe - suffered from blackish shadows under my eyes. Only a tan seems to hide them. Looking in the mirror this morning I feel pretty shocked by how much worse they look. Longer, starting in the corners, darker... I feel generally good on my regime of T3 once daily, notwithstanding the odd blip. I have been sleeping much better by removing any possible disturbers - no wine, no coffee after 11am - but I look as if I've been up all night. And living a distictly unhealthy lifestyle. I use Dr Hauschka skincare products which have helped a lot with the dryness under my eyes.

I have had some success in the past using tissue salts - calcium in fact, rather than iron...but these shadows look a little different. More iron related than calcium.

Does anyone have any experience and advice to share?

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  • It's a hypo symptom. And, one that - in my experience - doesn't go away! I've had them for years, and optimising my T3 has not helped. I don't know if there's something I'm missing, but taking iron hasn't helped, either. But, I would never take calcium!

  • Thanks greygoose. Perhaps I just need to invest in a better concealer. Anything I use to try and hide them tends to make me look worse. Shiny reflective undereyes is generally no more attractive than black shadows. The calcium...well these are cell/tissue salts and not supplements and thus a different mechanism ( more homeopathy than anything else) and short-term usually. And if I remember correctly it's calcium fluoride that worked.

  • I have read that adrenal issues can cause dark shadows too ! I see a lot of it here in Crete on Greek people - as they do mostly seem quite stressy :-)

  • Uggh. I hope not. Thought I'd dealt with stressed adrenals... Mind you, so many Greek people in the tourist industry work such long hours and so intensely - then have to worry all winter with little or no work. That would stress most us tremendously.

  • OK so it's not that then :-) Hope you soon find some answers ....

    Yes the people in tourism do work long hours and yes no work in the winter is stressful. However I am looking at my Carpenter and his team - plus plumber - electrical shop man and they all have dark circles ! - all popping in and out as they are working here at present.

  • Though now you have me wondering... stress was a constant companion for the best part of 20 years. Perhaps the T3 is responsible for stressing my adrenals in some way.

  • Have you looked at rwt3.com ?

  • Yes...and no! I have his book but once I had that I didn't look much at the site. Just been looking again and read some interesting things - have been reassured T3 won't make weak adrenals worse. Though now wondering indeed if I need to be a little more attentive to my adrenals nonetheless... Thx Marz

  • Lots of VitC 😊

  • Take 1000 a day....but no harm in increasing. Thank you!

  • Increase to bowel tolerance. I take mine at night - helps with absorption and gut fermentation I have read.


  • Piles cream my wife said

  • Hmmmm. Intriguing. Do I put it on my face or.....?

  • The eye apparently ha ha she might b winding me up my boss said if you get piles shove a clove of garlic up ur bum I'm surrounded by wind up merchants

  • Arnica. Not based on science obvs :-) just anecdotal. I was taking it for something else (dental surgery maybe?) and my undereye circles went away. It was the thing where you dissolve homeopathic tablets in water and percuss before taking a swig of the water (if I remember correctly). It would be a low-cost experiment if you wanted to give it a go.

  • I look like a panda with or without makeup have done for decades?

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