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Why can't I stop rubbing my eyes?

I have been rubbing my eyes since my childhood.i rub my eyes anytime I sleep.I tried many treatments and been to so many doctors and all they could give me were antihistamines or eye drops.I have chronic pre-orbital dark circles as well which make me look very tired and sad :(

I went to see a dermatologist for these dark circles and she gave me a bleaching cream and an antihistamine for my itchy eyes.

I am tired of explaining to the doctors that antihistamines don't work and some make me very drowsy for weeks and weeks.Some even cause congestion in my chest.

Due to constant rubbing,my eyes are always burning and tired when I wake up.My eye sight is also getting weaker day by day and I am afraid that if I don't stop rubbing my eyes,I am going to permanently damage my eyes.

As I am suffering from hypothyroidism,my eye issues add more to my exhaustion and fatigue.I feel tired from head to toe.Sometimes I get too depressed and just wish if I could take out my eyes and place them somewhere for sometime because they are so sore and achy and also very sensitive too sunlight.

I do have post nasal drip or sinus issues and doctors treatment is the same ie. antihistamines,eye drops,nasal drops or antibiotics if I get an infection.I can't tolerate any drops or nasal sprays which have steriods in makes me more sick.

Can someone pls tell me if there is any antihistamine that has worked for your allergies?

My allergy symptoms are

burning and tired eyes

rubbing eyes during sleep (not related to dust mites)

post nasal drip

one slightly blocked nostril

dry nasal passage and throat but still has so much mucus in throat all the time.I have to keep clearing my throat when talking to people and it's very embarrassing!

chronic cough and coughing out mucus in the morning

I have upper eye lids discoloration as well as dark circles under my eyes.and my eyes are sunken deep which makes me look so so tired and unrested.I have read that chronic dark circles are a symptom of hypothyroidism and allergies are also a symptom of hypothyroidsm.

Allergies are related to sluggish liver function which causes adrenal issues and low cortisol is linked with allergies.Since thyroid and adrenals go hand in hand so it means that my under active thyroid is the cause of my allergies.and since under active thyroid also causes depression,I am thinking about trying 5-HTP supplement....but I am confused if that would that work for me?

I am currently taking 50mcg of Thyroxine along with b12,vit.D3,iron,selenium,zinc(sometimes),Viatmin C ,B Complex and a multi viatmin+mineral supplement.

I think if I could supplement with a antihistamine,it will help me heal faster.So pls share with me about your experiences with different antihistamines.

Thanks and take care xx

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I hope you're not using the bleaching cream as who knows what problems this in itself might bring.

In my humble opinion, what I would do in your case, is be your own doctor-detective. Start taking out of your diet week by week certain foods that you might be allergic to like diary, some fruits and vegetables, tea, coffee. You might find out that the moment you stop eating a certain type of food (maybe gluten), your eyes and eyelids will stop being itchy. Also, try relaxation techniques and also some herbal teas that will relax you. If the medicines you're using for this problem are not helping, maybe stop using them. Your body might be also reacting to all the chemicals you're "feeding" it.

Just a thought.


Thanks for your reply.

No,I am not using anything around my eyes or even on my skin.I don't even use make up or any harsh face washes.I avoid chemicals as much as possible and I have tried elimination diet before but it didn't help.I even changed my diet and lifestyle to see if it would help but no use.

I have even lived in different countries and ate local food which mostly consisted of fruits,vegetables and chicken.But I do get extremely exhausted whenever I travel and I used to get sick before but this time I didn't because I was taking t4.

I researched and found that travel sickness is also related to hypothyroidsm which is actually due to low cortisol.

I do have cortisol issues but my endo was not in favor of prednisone or hydrocortisone therapy so I'm just taking t4 right now.But I have started taking vitamin C and currently taking around 4000mg/day to re-build my tired adrenals.

I am thinking about trying Paleo diet but I am afraid if it will cause more damage because Paleo diet is low in carbs and high proteins.I have a feeling that my high carb diet is causing adrenal issues because I do have mid section fat even though I am so skinny.Mid body fat indicates high insulin which causes cortisol issues.Carbs convert into insulin and protein into glycogen so I think Paleo diet should work but I am still confused if it's going to help or harm me?


I was thinking that maybe you could try the allergy specialists that can try on your skin things like dust and other things that hage nothing to do with diet. You said you tried living in other places but did you choose them according to certain criteria or just at random?


Yes dear I chose different places for different reasons.Although I found that my mind was very relaxed but still I couldn't stop rubbing my eyes.

Anyway,you are right about going to an allergy specialist.I will try that....Thanks for your advise


Take care dear xx


Keep me informed please. I know someone who had to clear his voice from time to time because of phlegm. He told me he couldn't breathe through the nose. With age, I noticed, this problem seems to have disappeared.

Good luck with finding a cure not by having to take medicine but by keeping away from certain allergenics.


Rebec,after increasing my levo.I did see a little change in congestion.My nose is not that much blocked anymore.and throat congestion is also less as compared to before.So I think increasing my levo further should lessen phelgm more.

My research tells me that hypothyroidism causes low stomach acid which causes silent reflux .post nasal drip is a result of that also and even excess much in throat ,chest etc.Because when stomach acid is low,the balance of good bacteria and fungus gets out of control.We have fungus in our mouth and throat as well which multiples so sinus infections are fungal overgrowth and not bacteria and that's my sinus issues get worse with antibiotics but get better with garlic.I haven't had any sinus infection now since I started focusing on proper nutrition and also increased my t4 dose.

Some people take olive oil leaf extract or grapefruit seed extract for sinus and congestion/phelgm.I will try that.If it'll work i will let you know :)


Have you been tested for Sjogrens? Also, have you been tested for MGD (meibomian gland dysfunction)?


Thank you for your reply.

I did see an ophthalmologist for my eyes and he didn't say anything like that.

I remember reading somewhere that Sjogrens is also related to an under active thyroid. I don't know where to get tested for it...maybe a rheumatology doctor?


Yes, a rheumy can test you for the Sjogrens markers. I am hypothyroid and also have lupus and Sjogrens.

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Have you tried upping your D3?

My eyes have been better since I increased dosage. I need to use eye ointment & drops less often.



Wow! I never thought about that.

I am low in that so I can try to increase my dose and see if that helps.

But do you take vit K2 along with D3?


Have you tried the histamine intolerance diet, have a google there is much to learn. Quercetin is a good supplement to take to lower histamine levels as are other supplements.


Thanks for your help but honestly speaking,I am really tired of trying different diets.I did eliminate histamine producing food and included histamine degrading foods instead.I even stopped taking my probiotics because there were some strains that were histamine producing...

But I am still willing to try any different antihistamine medicine which can help with my symptoms.

I couldn't find Quercetin supplement anywhere.But I will look for it at boots or somewhere else...see if that helps.

thanks again for your help xx


I understand your feelings towards yet another diet, it can become overwhelming, try this, try that.... Quercetin can be found on Amazon. Best wishes.

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I eat my greens for K1, & cheese & kefir for K2. :)

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My eyes were extremely itchy before I was diagnosed and prescribed levo, it was one of the main symptoms I had. I was constantly rubbing the skin around my eyes but it has gradually cleared up with the increases. sometimes I get a hint of it and I usually take that as an added sign of a flare up


Thank you so much for your reply dear.My gut feeling tells me that I need to increase my dose because itching and other eye symptoms that I have are also related to under active thyroid.I am currently taking 50mcg per day only.I felt horrible on my previous dose which was so low..25mcgx 5 days and 50mcgx2 days a week.I felt so dreadful that I stopped taking my levo.

After joining this forum,I realized that I was severely under medicated.Endo was only trying to keep my TSH within the range.Anyway,I got my tsh,ft3 and ft4 tested again.My TSH went out of the range because I stopped taking my leo.and the dr didn't know about this so he put me on 50mcg to bring down my TSH.I am going to get my thyroid hormones checked again and I will increase my dose according to my ft4 and ft3 levels.

I am sure that a dose increase will help me with many of my hypo symptoms.


your'e very welcome, I have no doubt that it's one of my hypo symptoms as well as a very itchy left arm. I am on 100 mcg now but due another increase. I don't get the itching now like I used to. Good luck, I hope the increase helps it's a pesky annoyance!

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