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My eyes have been really sore lately very painful when trung to open tem in the night and in the mornings , very scarey. I had a infection a while back and was treated with maxitrol ointment and I have finished now the eyes look better I have started using hylo forte intensive lubrication for dry eys 4 times a day would very dry eyes cause pain on opening them, they water and then the pain goes. Any advice would be appreciated. Thankyou.

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Sounds like Thyroid Eye Disease to me and it can occur with both hyperthyroid and hypothyroid

Insist on a referral to a TED expert

Moorfields Eye Hospital in London has one


Until you get seen by someone who knows all about TED keep using your drops, you can put them in more than four times a day if you need to.

A face cloth squeezed out in hot as you can bear water then held over your eyes feels really good - especially first thing in the morning, I've got an Eyebag that I can microwave but I prefer the face cloth.

Maybe you could get a gel for night time - might be more long lasting.

Make sure whatever drops / gel tears you use are preservative free, your problems could be being exacerbated by preservatives in the drops. I have a feeling that Hylo forte might be the prescription version of the HycoSan drops that I use - I've never bothered to get a prescription for mine - I just buy mine over the counter.


Thanks. I went to the hospital eye department about a week ago, and my eye was red in the corner , the doctor had a look and perscribed ointment as he said it was conjunctivitis and hylo forte which are persevative free, he said it would clear up so he never gave me a follow up appointment, anyway I used the oitment for 5 days as it was horrible stuff and yesterday I used the hylo forte 4 times in the day, it's a pump thing that only squirts one drop, but really I am not concerned about it. It the pain in my eyes at night, I can feel the muscles around them tightened up like they don't work anymore, and it is painful to open them in the night and morning , it's painful trying to open it takes ages and then when I open them they feel tired and gritty, I thought I might have a sinis infection as thst causes pain behind the eyes, I have a used anti biotics , but I have no pain at all during the day, I think I need a lubricaring gel or cream for night time, if that's what it is, I have a anxiery disorder so I don't know if it is connected, as in the evening my eyes seem to be heavy and tired, werher it is a fatique of eye muscles, I don't know . My gp just says to me you will be going to the local moorfields soon they will sort it out, I do the flannel thing every day and clean my eyes lids with Johnson baby shampoo, but I am really concerned about the pain on opening them, I have been tested for glaucoma and it was normal. To tell you the truth I don't know what's the matter with me.imwill,use the hylo,forte today sometimes my sigh seems blurry weather it the dry eye drops doing it . Thanks.


Sounds like they are doing all the right things doesn't it. I always find when I put dry eye drops in my vision clears up once the drips have settled, mine get blurred when they get dried out - i try not to use gel tears during the day because things are too blurred for too long.

If you think your sinuses are upset have you tried steaming your face. I used to have dreadful sinusitis and I found that was the best thing for them. I started with a bowl of water and a towel over my head but I did it so often that I eventually bought a cheap facial steamer from Argos. Steaming made such a difference for me, think it also helped my eyes too.

I've got Graves and although the hospital people used to always say 'and your eyes are fine' I knew they weren't, they were obviously not bad enough for them to bother with but I feel like my muscles are stiff at times especially when I read for a long time and I used to get - sometimes still do - a sort of vertical double vision / extra image effect when I watch TV. Keeping them from drying out helps me but you sound like you still have a way to go before you get sorted.

Good luck, hopefully your moor fields local appointment will come up soon and they can get you sorted out. People who haven't had dry eyes just can't imagine how absolutely awful they feel.


Thanks I feel too down today, and worried I rang the hospital eye clinic and was told to buy a nighttime gel or drop but I don't know what one to get as there are so may to choose from.


Hi, I have just read your post and I am going through the exact same thing as you described. In fact it is so accurate I could have written it myself. Did you get an outcome? I started off with conjuctivitus before Xmas and now I have pains in the morning and on a night. I am now on my fourth lot of medication (Hylo -forte is my newest) but nothing seems to be working. Kind regards Sarah


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