T3 dosing

I'm dosing on my own but could use some input.

Most recent FT3 was 2.5 (2.0-4.4)

I was taking 60 mcg. I'm now at 80 mcg and I haven't noticed any changes. I somewhat think I'm maybe getting worse. I take it all at once when I wake. How fast should I raise and by what size dose?

I also have major food sensitivities and I'm getting really turned off by food - nothing appeals to me or satisfies my taste. Have others had this too or might this be a different issue?

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  • Are you taking T4? In any case you ought to have a blood tests if you are increasing your dose to see where you are. Thyroid malfunction and gluten sensitivity/coeliac disease are strongly linked, do you think gluten could be the culprit in your food sensitivity issue?

  • Hello Mahalaa 1959. I came fairly close to a thyroid coma when I took t4 - no conversion. So no T4, I can only tolerate T3.

    I have been gluten free and dairy free for years. I eat low FODMAP (fructose and other natural sugars) too. I must eat low fat because of a bad pancreas. Not much food choices left after that plus I'm just so turned off of food right now. I also have issues with low stomach acid.

    Doctors won't help me unless I take T4... hell will freeze over first. I am dosing by symptoms, temps and pulse. Which was a very successful technique for many years before the advent of questionable blood tests.

    My ferritin levels are not great so I'm working on that too (in the evening)

  • It sounds like you have everything more or less under control apart from the iron so good luck with that.

  • I would only raise by about 1/4 and thereafter about every 2 weeks taking note of temp and pulse. If either goes too high reduce back to previous dose. (I am not medically qualified and have hypothyroidism which was undiagnosed/unmedicated). I now take T3 only.

    This is a link from Dr Lowe (scientist/researcher/doctor) who had thyroid hormone resistance himself - his dose was 150mccg daily (in middle of night). Second link is 'Safely getting well with Thyroid Hormones'.





    The link below has more topics some of which are now inaccessible as it is archived due to Dr L's early demise.


  • Hey Shaws, I'll start checking the links and thanks. Want to clarify: to raise by 1/4, from my 100 mcg tablet or from my 20 mcg tablet?

    Currently I'm raising 10 mcg every two weeks. And I feel like TSHit.

  • I didn't know there was a 100mcg T3 tablet. I only thought there was 20mg (UK) or 25mcg (abroad)?

  • Do you take your dose on an empty stomach and wait about an hour before eating?

  • My 100 mcg is German. Hopefully I will soon have a Turkish 100 mcg to try. 100mcg is much more cost effective and doesn't require jamming such a huge mouthful under the tongue. I still get a rx here but not sure how much longer since I'm refusing their t4 therapy ( busy working the system though)

    Currently take my full dose first think in morning and hold off on food for an hour or more. Just green tea until breakfast.

  • You don't dissolve under your tongue. You should take it with one glass of water as the molecules in thyroid hormones are too large to be absorbed by the tongue so you may not be getting the amount you think you're taking.

    I didn't know there was a 100mcg. :)

    All thyroid hormones have to be swallowed with one glass of water and wait for about an hour before eating as you are doing.

  • No way.. I've been doing under the tongue for years😢.


    Thanks for that amazing heads-up

  • Many people think it can dissolve. Google and you'll see medical responses. Really we shouldn't have to do this if we got treated optimally.

    I'd just carry on with your 10mcg increase :)

  • Starting tomorrow I'll take my t3 with a glass of water. I'm super curious if that changes things. I hope so. I woke so depressed today. I've so had enough.

  • They are made particularly to dissolve in our stomach and then disperse the hormones (I am not medically qualified). Why would you not want the best from

    Liquid levo isn't quite the same as its made differently, just like the sublingual tablet for heart which is made expressly to dissolve in mouth.

    Why would you not want to have the 'best' effect possible from thyroid hormones.

  • Sounds logical.

  • I cannot find the link which explains what you describe above and it was by a scientist/researcher/doctor who wrote and published and treated patients by this method:-



    Dr Lowe was also an Adviser to Thyroiduk.org.uk and Director of Fibromyaliga Research Foundation.

  • You are very fortunate as it is very rare nowadays to find his books/articles. This is an extract re fibro:-

    Big Pharma Hits Pay Dirt: Fibromyalgia Patients Targeted as a Hugely-Profitable Drug Market. If you're a fibromyalgia patient, you're now targeted as a rich source of revenue from drug sales. Bookmark this page to soon read linked documents. These show the concerted efforts Big Pharma and its affiliates are devoting to you as a mother-lode of financial profit.

    He wasn't afraid to speak his mind with regard to helping patients and in order to do so he had to relinquish his licence just as Dr P had to do.

  • It might not happen quickly and I think it will take a few days anyway to settle. I had to change from one T3 to another.

  • Shaws, one of the links you included was actually a download of a chapter from Dr. L's book. Do you have any more of those?

  • It's possible that you also have partial peripheral resistance/insensitivity to thyroid hormone. In such cases people have to take supraphysiological doses of T3 (no T4) before they see much effect.

    I'm slowly increasing my own T3, having very belatedly realised that insensitivity to TH is one of my hypo-T problems. Currently I'm on 150 mcg, taken once daily when I wake. I've seen a few improvements, but I think I need to bump it up a bit further. Oh, and it's very important to keep on monitoring pulse, basal temp, BP, pattern of symptoms, nutritional status etc.

  • Hillwoman, yeah, that all makes sense. But at what rate or frequency do you raise and how much do you increase each time?

    Do you dose purely by symptoms or do you test your blood?

    You wrote ...insensitivity to TH...

    What is TH?

  • Going by symptoms is simpler than blood tests.


  • I agree. Especially since I have doctor allergy.😂

  • Sorry, I've only just seen your reply...

    TH is thyroid hormone.

    The rate and frequency of increase in T3 dose has to be judged on personal response, as everyone is different. I'd been without adequate thyroid hormone since infancy when I started on T3 monotherapy at age 43/44, and consequently my heart over-reacted to small increases. Eventually, the palps would settle. Nowadays I find that I get palps etc. when I need to increase the T3 and my heart settles down again afterwards.

  • Hillwoman- that's really interesting regarding the palps. I've had them as long as I can remember. They got much worse on t4. But when they did an EKG nothing showed up. Lately they seem to be increasing again. Although not really even sure what it is- maybe more of a muscle flutter in my chest. It doesn't effect my pulse.

  • Yes, if nothing is going on at the time of your EKG/ECG, the diagnosis is 'normal'.

  • If you are definitely taking T3 which is Liothyronine (not T4 - which is thyroxin) you need to take in in divided doses spread over the day. I take mine at 6.45am, 12.00 and 5pm (20mcg each time = 60mcg per day). It is important to take them at exactly the same time every day. T3 only lasts so many hours and will not get you through the whole day on one dose. You may well need less if you spread it through the day. If you really need 100mcg I would take it as 40mcg at normal wake up time, 40 much at 12 and 20mcg at 5pm.

    I've tried a range of doses and timing over the last 4 years and found this works well for me. We are all different so you will need to experiment a bit but consistency (same each day) and spreading the doses across the day are key. Your body adjusts to each change, so if you change something, keep it the same for a month before you alter it again.

    Hope that's helpful for you. If you want to learn more, read Paul Robinson's book Recovering on T3. It is quite technical but the best book on the subject.

  • Hey T3sortedme- yeah I'm really certain it's t3. T4 is a poison for my body.

    Divided doses, not so sure. Right now I take all at once. Any time I try to divide I often forget until just after I've had something to eat.

    So far with one dose I feel fine but if this changes as I increase I will certainly revisit that possibility.

    Thanks for the book tip. How does he differ from Dr. Lowe?

  • Sandy12...that was well articulated. So far I'm definitely a Lowe type.

  • Listen to Sandy12. I don't know about impaired sensitivity but clearly is an issue for you. If what you are doing is working for you, stick with it. It is a big dose in one go but there is probably good reason for it.

    Best of luck.

  • You guys are so positive and supportive- something I'm often lacking.

    I really appreciate it.

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