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Hi all, hope you are well. I have have had a hard time treating my high night time cortisol. I have just started T3 again after I having started it at a very high dose. I started from 5mcg and raising slowly. What I don't undertand is, when they say the starting dose is 5mcg, is this:

Day - 5mcg morning, 5mcg noon and 5 mcg late afternoon and then raising after 7 days with 5mcg at each interval so it is 10mcg morning, then 10mcg noon then 10mcg late afternoon. So when I raise I actually raise by 15mcg on that day. I am really confused? Thank you.

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  • Julia35,

    Dunno who 'they' are but you don't have to double your dose from 3 x 5mcg to 3 x 10mcg a day. You can increase by 1 x 5mcg or 1 x 10 mcg if you wish.

  • Thanks Clutter. So am adding one 5mcg every 5 to 7 days? Sorry if these seem like dumb questions, am so confused. I was reading the information on the STTM website and I got really confused. Many thanks clutter.

  • Julia35,

    How much Levothyroxine were you taking before you switched to T3?

  • Hi Clutter, I was on 10mg Levo, I took it for over two weeks and had a really nasty reaction, running stomach, vomiting, insomnia, plus worsening hypo symptoms.

  • Julia35,

    10mcg or 100mcg?

  • Clutter 10mcg I think, my GP started me on a very low dose.

  • Julia35,

    25mcg is the lowest dose Levothyroxine, so I'm surprised. It makes a difference to the advice given. What were your TSH and FT4 levels when you were diagnosed?

  • Hi Clutter, I will have to pull these out of my file when I get home as I am at work now. I will post them later today.

  • I take T3 only once daily and am well. I don't split doses as it also would interfere badly with my day-to-day living and also to have an empty stomach at the same time as the dose. I shall give you two links which might be helpful:-

    Dr Lowe himself took 150mcg daily (in the middle of the night). He had Thyroid Hormone Resistance.

    The following is how to safely get well

  • Thanks Shaws, really appreciate this. I will check out the links.

  • When we self-medicate it can become a bit overwhelming and sometimes we are a bit nervous. Endos seem to make a song and dance sometimes about liothyronine or NDT but I found T3 the most calming of all the hormones I tried and am now well and hope you are soon.

  • Yes, I tried T4 but I had a really nasty reaction. My GP recommened T3 but changed her mind saying she couldn't prescribe it because its to expensive. I was out of options cause I wasn't doing well on NDT due to low Iron levels and High night time cortisol. Other than continue to fight with the endo's and convince them to prescribe T3 I decided to order some online, I was just to tired of fighting them. So now, so far so good, I started on 5mcg and raisig slowly, am now on 15mcg and so far so good. I sleep better on T3. Thank you.

  • I am glad you are improving and you are right to raise slowly. Keep and eye on pulse and temp as you raise and if pulse goes too high drop to previous dose.

  • I will remember that. Thanks Shaws.

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